Black Mayo

At 10am today Johann Diedrick presents a 30-minute soundscape piece created from sonic explorations of Newtown Creek, one of the largest superfund sites and the undisputed most polluted site in New York City. The site serves as an example of what our global climate change future could look like. Environmental disasters rendered here won’t be dealt with in our lifetimes, and its unclear how much damage has erased potential futures that could have been. The piece, made from field recordings and original music, proposes what sounds might have existed here and imagines what sounds that could have existed in the future.

Johann Diedrick makes installations, performances and objects that let people play with sound. He surfaces the histories and past interactions inscribed in material and space through vibrations, peeling back sonic layers to reveal hidden memories and untold stories. He shares his tools and techniques with the public through listening tours, workshops and open-source hardware and software.