Can We Try That Without Sound?

At 12.30pm today Stevie jones presents ‘Can We Try That Without Sound?’

Radio broadcast offers a unique opportunity to subvert hierarchies of theatre (which prioritise text and performances) and theatre production (where lighting & set design are foregrounded.) Can We Try That Without Sound? is a radio play without words, embracing sound design and theatre composition decontextualised and severed from a script and the physicality of the stage, allowing an unprescribed narrative to emerge.

Stevie Jones is a Glasgow based composer and sound designer. Recent theatre work has included Richard III (Perth Theatre), Arctic Oil (Traverse Theatre) and MIANN (Scottish Dance Theatre). Film work has included Where You’re Meant To Be, Chicago & Athens Film Festival Documentary of the year 2017. He has collaborated with artist film makers Lucille Desamoury, Stephen Sutcliffe, Luke Fowler and Anne Marie Copestake, most recently on her LFF premiering A Blemished Code. Jones composes for his exploratory acoustic ensemble Sound of Yell (Chemikal Underground) and has played within a wide range of other groups and contexts, from the Ashley Paul band to Arab Strap.