Wet Courage

At 12.30pm today ECCO present a selection of songs from their research-based pop album ‘Wet Courage’.

The album is  based on recordings and publications from 1960s studies on dolphin intelligence and interspecies communication. For Radiophrenia, ECCO enters the ocean in order to transcend the species barrier and understand an intelligence without hands. A selection of songs is accompanied by texts by Loren Eiseley, Joan McIntyre, John Lilly, Gregory Bateson, Charles Doria and Stacy Alaimo.

Songs performed and texts read by the ECCO, or, Elina Bry, Caroline Hussey, Jack Wansbrough, Simon Weins and Feronia Wennborg. ‘Wet Courage’ was released by the Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council in November 2018.