We Are Formatives

At 12.40 today anarchic creative play clashes with authority in Helen McCrorie’s We Are Formatives:

Playing among plants, insects and industrial debris, children speak of an underground monolith, summoning a strange dystopian environment from an uncertain time. There is disquieting tone to this forest school. Children and machines are hungry for learning…

Inspired by the innate creativity of children and recorded in a former military camp, We Are Formatives explores nature and technology, as sites of fear and desire.

Helen McCrorie works primarily in video with a growing interest in sound. Exploring work, play and ritual, as sites of emancipation or control, she weaves observational documentary modes with the poetic, disrupting singular narratives. She is a participant in Satellites programme with Collective, Edinburgh, and her solo show If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it? will open at Collective in July and run throughout Edinburgh Art Festival and until October.