The Spectrolite Pool

At 4:40pm this afternoon Cucina Povera goes in search of the perfect swimming pool:

The Spectrolite Pool attempts to revive vernacular storytelling through the ever-prevalent medium of radio. Spectrolite being a labradorite feldspar, an iridescent native stone of South Karelia, the work is about bringing culturally disparate and varied voices together, as is a defining characteristic of her current home, Bethnal Green. Pools are societal leveling factors and places for well-being. In Montreal pools are free for all to access in the hottest months of the year. In Brooklyn too, but they do not let you in if you look rough. In Finland there are try-hards and chancers – natural waters are popular, too. The East London ones are most varied but also have displaced people living in them in favour of more affluent citizens. In an austere and fragmented climate open, shared and public space is scarce. Cucina Povera encourages everyone to give municipal pools more attendance and support seeing as they are a true embodiment of communal leisure and the best creative ideas are thought of in them.