Oral Oddities and Other Annoyances

Coming up at 9pm tonight:

This radio collage tackles the recently discovered and little understood chronic condition known as Misophonia. This condition is characterized by highly negative emotional responses to auditory triggers like chewing, breathing, sniffling, coughing, or slurping. Mixing a broad range of intrusive bodily sounds and discourses around it, this piece represents an attempt at reframing misophonic trigger sounds into something more musical or, at least, bearable. This piece is part of NAISA’s Deep Wireless 13 Compilation.

Carlo Patrão is a Portuguese radio artist based in New York City. His radio work has been commissioned and featured on several international radio stations and in audio festivals. He likes to write about sound studies, plant music and the poetics of balloon music and has shared his independent research at Harvard University and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.