Cool and in the cool dark

At 3pm today, Berlin based artist and previous Radiophrenia commissionee Catriona Shaw presents a new radio work ‘Cool and in the cool dark’.

Produced whilst in residence at Cashmere Radio, this radio play deals with the subject of arrival, belonging and returning. It is loosely inspired by Sol Yurick’s novel ‘The Warriors’ and the film of the same name by Walter Hill which turned 40 this year.

Using analogue instruments, songs, voice, text and costumes, Catriona Shaw has created a 22-minute work designed for radio, a tale of survival that reflects upon her own geographical movements across the span of her life, her attempts to adapt, conform, and belong to new groups, cultures and territories whilst still battling to retain individuality. The piece premiered on the 4th of November, 2017 as a live broadcast at Cashmere Radio HQ in Lichtenberg and was funded by Musicboard Berlin.

The images here are some of the drawings created especially for the live presentation.