A disembodied presence

At 11pm up until midnight – a disembodied presence will be haunting the Radiophrenia studio:

“In the days before 24 hour television, lonely people or even people who were only sometimes lonely, would, when the rest of the world had closed down and gone to sleep, listen to the radio for companionship.

The knowledge that that the end of the dial there was another person also awake; someone that could be heard breathing and intoning and expressing their thoughts (and feelings) partially filled the emptiness in the listener’s life.

I would like to distill that phenomenon into its essence, namely, the sounds of a real human being alive in the studio.

So, for one hour, I am offering myself up as that real human being who would sit in front of a live microphone in the Radiophrenia studio and make sounds that would suggest to the listener that they are not the only one awake.

Obviously, anybody could sit in the Radiophrenia studio chair and do this; I’m volunteering to be that person.

I’ll make no effort to be entertaining in the conventional sense of having anecdotes or pithy observations on offer.

I might speak, I might make exasperated noises, I might play my iPod through a speaker sitting on the desk in front of me, I might sip a coffee. Papers might be rustled. I might just breathe and occasionally affirm that I am still there.

This is the listener as ‘eavesdropper’; rather like the young child who cannot get to sleep and enjoys the comfort of adult voices drifting up the stair.

But, at one point I intend to turn the tables on the listener and objectify him or her. This will be done in a kindly manner so no psychological damage will be done.

I will not break wind.”

Tony Morris