Castaway on Beàrnaraigh

From midnight tonight we turn off the transmitter and our FM broadcasts will cease – however, our stream will continue for another whole day with a long form durational piece by Martin Eccles exploring the sounds of a small Hebridean island. Listen online from midnight tonight:

“Beàrnaraigh is a durational, 24-hour work. From 20 days comes one 24-hour day of June, an Outer Hebridean island and walks of my complete clockwise island circumnavigation. Each minute is presented at its recorded time of (a) day; some are in appropriate succession from one minute to the next whilst others may be days away from their neighbour. Beàrnaraigh offers place, time, distance and movement – the chance to consider duration, “time of (a) day” and its relationship with distance and movement across place – distance walked in an hour, walking across hours or walking the entire circumnavigation.”