May 25th

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25th May 2019
  • Dai Coelacanth - The Radio Graveyard

    25th May 2019  12:00 am - 6:00 am

    programme/artist information

    The Radio Graveyard is open from Midnight until 6AM. Come in. Find an open coffin. Make your self comfortable. What you hear, may not be real. Graveyard Radio sound has wormy acoustics. Technically, it’s not even sound. Your host is Dai Coelacanth. An outsider. An alphabet man. A Rat baby. You may have heard him on Radio-On (Berlin) or seen some of his short films when they have played the dungeons of England , Germany and Russia. Perhaps he sent you a postcard. You are welcome to send him one. If you can find him.


  • Koenraad Ecker - Tantalum River

    25th May 2019  6:00 am - 7:30 am

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    “Tantalum River” is a 90-min acousmatic surreal-political tale of some sorts. It is freely inspired by Joseph Conrad’s controversial 19th century novel “Heart of Darkness”, Herzog’s “Aguirre”, David Van Reybrouck’s “Congo : a History” and various accounts by whistleblowers from within the mining-industry’s community. The radio-play attempts to revise “Heart of Darkness” to the contemporary context of high frequency trading, the murky world of global resource extraction and neo-colonialist capitalist expansion, by showing various perspectives. In the play, the human relationship with the earth’s resources gradually shifts from a one-directional extraction-form to a strange new metabolism.

    Koenraad Ecker works as an artist in the fields of electro-acoustic music, sound design, field recording, performance and text. In his work, he explores the tension between closeness & alienation and the dialectical relationship between sounds, the body, the (acoustic) environment and the social relations contained within these environments. He aims for his sound-works to be closer to “acoustic ecologies”, sound-environments in which to live, rather than linear music-compositions. Over the years, he’s had the chance to present his work in venues ranging from freezing squats to plush opera houses in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


  • Mark Lyken - Namwon Broadcasts

    25th May 2019  7:30 am - 8:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Namwon Broadcasts was recorded during the Namwon Sound Art Residency that Lyken undertook in November 2017 at the decommissioned KBS (Korean Broadcast System) TV and Radio building in Namwon, South Korea. The soundwork is a live recording of an improvised performance in the old KBS basement machine room, comprising archive material, sounds and field recordings gathered in and around the building during the residency.

    Mark Lyken (1973) is an artist and filmmaker based in Thornhill, ruralDumfriesshire, Scotland. He creates film, sound works, performances and installations that explore identity, place and the interplay between nature, technology and culture. His work has been presented in Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, India, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Italy and widely across the UK. He runs audio and visual label Soft Error & digital companion label Bit Rot.


  • Shorts 27

    25th May 2019  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    programme/artist information

    1. Murray Collier – 639AM, 10PM
    2. Mark Vernon – Frozen Palms
    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Transmigration
    4. Zachary Zena Giberson – Louche Roach-Body of Habit-To Blue is to Blond
    5. Duu Din Ka – rote beethoven suppe
    6. Lily Sloane – Dream_Log_11_15_17
    7. William Davies – Tiny Flocks of Tiny Birds
    8. Lorenzo Cimino – sonnambulo copia
    9. Rebecca Wilcox – Reel it Reels

    1. Murray Collier – 639AM, 10PM

    This piece is an un-edited recording of the 10 minute drive from the rural Tombreck to the village of Killin, on the banks of Loch Tay, Scotland. It was recorded during a sound recording residency at The Big Shed, in August 2016. The car radio was tuned to 639 medium wave, and the journey took place at 10pm. AM radio is often noisy. There is no protection from static created by lightning, electrical equipment, and other sources of signal pollution. Especially at night, conflict between nearby and distant stations using a single frequency is common, and requires many smaller stations to operate at much reduced power after sundown. I found the frequency with the most notable interference and competing signals in my location, increasing the chance of strange and wonderful combinations of sounds.

    Murray Collier is a musician, producer, and sound designer from Ayrshire, Scotland and currently based in Perth, Australia. Recording music under pseudonyms; Grim Lusk, Dip Friso, Sunny Balm, and part of the duo Pussy Mothers, releasing music on Optimo Music, Domestic Exile and Sacred Summits, and forthcoming projects for Going Good and 12th Isle. Murray’s sonic identities have allowed him to to experiment freely within a breadth of musical genres, this approach to music making has afforded him an extensive range of experience, both as a musician and performer, contributing to projects in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Ghana, Australia and Scotland. As a graduate from MDes Sound for the Moving Image at Glasgow School of Art, his skills have been adapted to screen, live and recorded commissions and performances. Notably, across venues such as the Tate Modern, Tramway, Talbot Rice and Cafe Oto. Murray founded and operates the online radio station Real Landscape, specialising in broadcasting from non-studio environments, and presenting a curated series of radio shows from around the world.

    2. Mark Vernon – Frozen Palms

    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Transmigration

    A work which explores the moment when the soul leaves the body. 2 track fixed media acousmatic music composition realized in 2018. Created using various techniques and technologies such as analogue modular, FM and granular synthesis as well as field recordings. Recorded in my studio Eclisse.

    4. Zachary Zena Giberson – Louche Roach-Body of Habit-To Blue is to Blond

    Funereal in a Good Way is a 30-minute album of sound collages inspired by the brutal heat of a recent Texas summer, made worse by climate change. A dizzying, dense mix of off-kilter, wild instrumentation and alien field recordings, the music of Funereal is unpredictable, constantly melting into bizarre new forms. Think of this album as a brightly colored, sonic ice cream cone that melts the second you put your mouth to it. Each of the four tracks is 7:30 long, a compositional idea I had after participating in Radiophrenia 2017.

    Zachary Zena Giberson is a prolific 28 year old sound artist living in Austin, Texas. He has created over 26 albums worth of unusual, abstract music that he has taken to calling “coincidental music,” or music made out of unrelated parts. In 2018 alone, he created 3 albums, and took part in two collaborations, one with Filmy Ghost, and one with horridus as Martian Hello. Hear more at

    5. Duu Din Ka – rote beethoven suppe

    A remix of the 7th symphony of beethoven with some texts written by my friend Robin Tremol, and other samples.

    I am a harpist, singer, and have been composing for a few years now, based in Paris. Since the end of my PhD on solar energy, last september, I decided to fully dedicate to music mainly through composition and improvisation with other musicians. My deep inclination for theater pushes me to sound pieces with a relatively strong narrative dimension (or at least as I conceive them).

    6. Lily Sloane – Dream_Log_11_15_17

    As a part of a series of dreams I had in response to my struggle to cope with the chaos of the moment politically and the questions about my relationship to men that the #MeToo movement paved the way for, I created this piece using a dream in which family dynamics, infidelity, isolation, and creepy men on buses collide as I angrily leave home and then desperately try to find my way back. This piece originally aired on The White Whale Podcast.

    Lily Sloane is a San Francisco, California based freelance audio producer, composer, and psychotherapist. Her podcast, A Therapist Walks Into a Bar, ran for 3 years and set her careening on a path towards all realms of the audio sphere. She is currently the host of a weekly live advice show called Radical Advice on San Francisco community radio station while working on other experimental and conventional audio stories and music.

    7. William Davies – Tiny Flocks of Tiny Birds

    Tiny Flocks of Tiny Birds is a phrase I caught in a phone call with a dear friend of mine, as we both realised he was in love with one of our mutual friends, and it stuck in my head. It’s an incredible description of our friend and conjures a wonderful image for me. The piece is based on samples of our friends, taken mostly from phone conversations, warped and pushed to create something halfway between soundscape and love letter.

    Afterdrop is the brainchild of Will Davies, a multi-instrumentalist and sound designer based in Edinburgh. Despite having spent much of his teens flitting from death metal pillar to ska punk post, he has been producing electronic music and sound art as long as anything else and after years of experimenting, began to arrive at a style in to arrive at a style in his late teens. Informed as much by Sunship as he is by Eno and Wishart, the Afterdrop discography moves from glacially slow, crystalline sounds to noisy, gritty beats at a neck snapping speed, drawing the listener into his measured, melancholy world and keeping them there.

    8. Lorenzo Cimino – sonnambulo copia

    Lorenzo Cimino is an Italian trumpet player and composer. He has taught at the University of Pisa , Conservatory of Bologna, Istituto Boccherini Lucca.He made numerous recordings on behalf of Rai and won the audition for the first trumpet in the orchestra of the Fermo Festival. He has carried out an intense concert activity, founding and working for ten years the Ensemble Giacinto Scelsi, also performing numerous compositions in the first absolute performance, many composers have dedicated pieces to his trumpet On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dadaism he plays and writes the music of the Performance “WiTz”, the only Italian project awarded by the Dada 100 Foundation in Zurich

    Discography : Voluta Musicale , Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca 1992; Amore Pirata con Lester Bowie Ed Il Manifesto 1998; Mondo Volato ed Blue Freak 2018

    9. Rebecca Wilcox – Reel it Reels

    Originally made for a 5.1 surround sound scenario, the piece is an exploration into the slips between confidence and reticence when voicing questions and statements about positioning. The jumble of sounds attempt to give the manipulated, uncertain voice a rhythmic home, holding it temporarily so that the utterances have something to rub against.

    Rebecca Wilcox is an artist living in Glasgow. She works with writing, audio and video and sometimes with their manifestations as performance and installation.


  • Jim Cheff - Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater: Planet Whichway

    25th May 2019  9:00 am - 9:30 am

    programme/artist information

    Mary Farfisa is about an eight-year-old spacegirl named Mary Farfisa, who travels the Universe looking for songs and sounds and music and noise. It’s like a cartoon you listen to, rather than watch. The art and illustrations for the show are done by myself.

    The show has been airing every Saturday morning on our community radio station, KSZN, here in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s performed by local actors and musicians, and fully produced with original music and sound effects.

    You can find out more about the show at There is also a full page of episodes at

    And, here is a link to a three-minute video feature on ‘Mary Farfisa.’


  • Comrade Squelch - Three Cities

    25th May 2019  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Three Cities is a 30-minute audio journey through a trio of real, imagined, and re-imagined soundscapes composed for the Cities and Memory soundmapping project.In “Madurai Dada” methods of cut-up, assemblage, and collage are applied to a 1979 late-night field recording made in India. “SterzingSoundwalk Crescendo” travels through the streets of Vipiteno (Sterzing) near the Italian-Austrian border on a summer evening in 2018. “Thin Cities,” an Oulipian synthesis of sounds from Venice and elsewhere with the voice of Italo Calvino reading from his books, invents an imaginary auditory environment based on a 1518 woodcut map of Thomas More’s Utopia.

    Sonic anthropologist Tom Miller (a.k.a. Comrade Squelch)conjures a matrix of generative textures, multispecies and post-human voices, wax-cylinder archives, ethnographic ephemera, revenant memories and resultant melodies.Field recordings ranging from Siberian shamans to Balinese frogs undergo electroacoustic transformations, evoking unique sound-worlds. A National Endowment for the Arts award-winning composer and 2017 Wave Farm artist-in-residence, Miller has created multimedia installations for museums and galleries in the U.S. and Europe. His radio work has been broadcast on CKUA, KRAB, WFMU, WGXC, WKCR, WNYC, WQXR, WRMI andmany other stations. Previous contributions to Radiophrenia are Spectral Wars (2016) and VoxInhumana, Redux (2017).


  • Kate Donovan & Ryan McFadyen - Greenhouse Emmissions

    25th May 2019  10:00 am - 11:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Greenhouse Emissions: notes from the foliage is a live work for radio in three parts.
    Based on diagrams found in the C Katherine’s archives, Drs. Kate Donovan & Ryan McFadyen re-built an intricate system of devices in order to enable communication with plants, via a dot matrix printer. The devices were tried and tested live on air, for the very first time, together with garden host Gabi Schaffner. Over the course of a few days, both the technology and the connection with plants was slowly developed further, amounting to what can only be described as an incredible breakthrough in human-plant interaction. It was originally broadcast on Datscha Radio 17 in Berlin.

    Drs. Kate Donovan & Ryan McFadyen are researchers working with, and gathering material for, the fascinating and extensive archives of the CKatherines (1926/1933 – 1963?). The CKatherines, also known as “the greatest sound icons ever ignored,” dedicated their lives to sound and radio production and inventions. Donovan/MacFadyen have presented their findings extensively at universities, conferences, museums and sound and radio art festivals worldwide.


  • Buffer Zone

    25th May 2019  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    programme/artist information


    Giulia Lazzaro – 5/8 Interrogation and Conversation Live in the Studio

    Kristoffer Raasted – Radio On Radio On (21:39)

    Olivia Furey – Hyper Mundane live in the studio (15:00)

    Sally Ann McIntyre – Collected Huia Notations (3:26)

    Giulia Lazzaro – 5/8 Interrogation and Conversation Live in the Studio

    This violin has suffered trauma. It was pulled and popped apart piece by piece. Snap twist crack the hide glue relinquishes its responsibility to suspend the soul of the instrument.
    Its panels are shaved and scraped cropped and steamed and reformed into a miniature mockery of itself. It is reassembled and restrung. It is ready. Now then: to perform. With a fearless fragility this instrument gives as good as it gets. When full size fingers press
    valiantly on the tiny fingerboard the melodies are left to chance.

    B. 1989, Melbourne Australia. Lives and works in Glasgow.
    Fabricating my work is an investigative journey into the histories and myths of overlooked and
    forgotten design. As I make work I have the privilege of getting to know a highly specialised
    network of devoted and knowledgeable craftspeople. Together we become hyper skilled in
    making a piece of design no one asked for, upon which I ride headlong into risk. Selected shows and awards: Recipient of the Graduate Chairman’s Medal in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art (2018), Last Futures, Tramway, Glasgow (2018), Glasgow Open House Art Festival (2017)

    Kristoffer Raasted – ‘Radio On Radio On’

    In 1996, when I was 8 years old, my parents brought me and my sister on a 6 month long backpacking journey in Sout East Asia. We visited 6 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Nepal. Originally, we were supposed to travel in India, and not Nepal, but in Thailand we met a danish couple, who were living in Kathmandu, and decided to go to Nepal instead. I have many vivid memories from the tour.

    In Nepal, we met a man, who was working for the danish broadcast company, DR. He was in the himalayan mountains, to gather sound material for the sound archive of the danish radio, and was focusing mainly on colecting silence and wind.

    In 2018, my computer crashed, which led me to work in non-digital formats, specifically cassette tapes. My father gave me a lot of cassette tapes, among which were on labelled: ‘diverse lyde – Thailand & Nepal’ – various sounds, Thailand & Nepal’.

    Without actually having listened to the tape, I got in touch with radio on, which I found through the internet.

    Talking to my father, I realised the sounds on the cassette were not al recorded by him.

    For one thing, almost all of side A contained music by the danish rap group Østkyst Hustlers, of whom he is a big fan.

    The sounds on the rest of side A, are recorded by my father on a beach in Krapi, where we met a man, who was playing the alp horns on the beach.

    Just before the selected fragment of the alp horn music in this release, the hornblower explains how the echoes from the rocks in the sea throws back the sounds over the quiet ocean.

    The sounds on the rest of the tape were send to my father after we got back to Copenhagen by the sound technician we met in the Himalayas.

    The fades in these clips are reproduced as they are on the tape my father has made, probably sometime after we got back from our voyage.

    Some uncertainties remain, as to who has recorded what.
    Besides from the tape, there is also a diary my father held during the time in South East Asia, light photographs, and åpssobly a log-book containing information of what is recorded on the various fragments.

    The digitalization of the tape was made by Andreas Palisgaard in his studio in Nørrebro.

    The plain selection of the fragments was made during an artist residency at 3331 Chiyoda in Tokyo, in the beginning of 2019.

    Thanks to Jan Stricker for suggesting I asked Andreas Palisgaard to help me with the digitalization of the tape.

    Sally Ann McIntyre – Collected Huia Notations

    A new Radiophrenia commission by Sally Ann – notes toward a library of superlative trees. a transmission for Eucalyptus regnans – will be broadcast midday and 6pm, Sunday 26th May.


  • LAPS -Ships

    25th May 2019  12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

    programme/artist information

    Thinking about how people are like ships. We carry heavy loads, we come and go, we have names, people can be each other’s ships and of course ships go under.

    Sadder/weirder domain and less pop as our last record was.
    Lamentations and anger.

    A work that mixes the more traditional ‘song’ format with recordings of conversations and field recordings that delve into the collective and separate experiences of two friends and artists.

    A celebration of the relationship and working methods of artists and friends Alicia Matthews and Cass Ezeji. Using a selection of archive and new recordings (including Whats App voice notes, past rehearsal sessions, new studio work and downtime at the baths) the women candidly illustrate a long-standing friendship and creative working bond. Together they explore shared and separate life experiences and journeys; using laughter, chatting and singing together as healing forces.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland.


  • Helen McCrorie - We Are Formatives

    25th May 2019  12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Anarchic creative play clashes with authority. Playing among plants, insects and industrial debris, children speak of an underground monolith, summoning a strange dystopian environment from an uncertain time. There is disquieting tone to this forest school. Children and machines are hungry for learning…

    Inspired by the innate creativity of children and recorded in a former military camp, We Are Formatives explores nature and technology, as sites of fear and desire.

    Helen McCrorie works primarily in video with a growing interest in sound. Exploring work, play and ritual, as sites of emancipation or control, she weaves observational documentary modes with the poetic, disrupting singular narratives. She is a participant in Satellites programme with Collective, Edinburgh, and her solo show If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it? will open at Collective in July and run throughout Edinburgh Art Festival and until October.


  • Shorts 13

    25th May 2019  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Gordon Kennedy – Fuzzy’s Dream
    2. Holger Mohaupt – By the window
    3. Amy Pickles – eeeaarrrruuuuugggghhhaaaa
    4. Dixie Treichel – Everyone’s Here
    5. Elina Bry – Heartache
    6. Hoyong Lee – Enigma
    7. Jordan McDermott – rf wn; FMRT TEST2 [Seg]
    8. Harry Gorski Brown – tried calling, Mx
    9. Martian Hello – I’m Made of You – You’re Made of Me

    1. Gordon Kennedy – Fuzzy’s Dream

    Fuzzy’s Dream is the second section of an extended soundscape for the Earth Echo exhibition at Trongate 103 ( 8 March – 21 April 2019 ). The raw material consists of phonography collected by the artist Pum Dunbar around ( and in ) the Firth of Forth. Earth Echo is a collection of collages – visual and aural – which examines the idea of extended echolocation, the ways we negotiate our own reality thru the echoes that return to us from objects & landscapes.

    Gordon Kennedy is a writer and composer based in Glasgow. He is also one half of sound art duo The Cray Twins. Pum Dunbar is a visual artist based in Glasgow, working in collage and paint.

    2. Holger Mohaupt – By the window

    Guns, planes, termites and earth quakes. A fake portrait of America from a room with a view.

    Holger Mohaupt is a European artist and filmmaker based on the East Coast of Scotland. He is interested in social landscapes,routines and immersive narratives.

    3. Amy Pickles – eeeaarrrruuuuugggghhhaaaa

    Made with Combs Infant School in Derbyshire, and my sister Madeleine Pickles.

    This work was made with a series of workshops with children aged between five and seven. Our workshops began by making our voices physical, using the acoustic speech transmitting devices of empty tin cans connected via a piece of string. Our cans questioned dialogue and constructs of language. Later, we performed sounds and activities we do with our mouths, that are not defined words. Chew, lick, grunt, scream, vomit, whisper. They are interpretational. All mouths move in different ways. Our soundtrack is for secondary listeners to perform our rhythmic imaging in their body.

    amy pickles is ambivalent in her regard for what is an educational process and what is an artistic process. They collapse into each other and feed each other to make a research based performative practice. Current projects include a Hybrid Publication for Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, including the educational series Choreographies for Phantom Limbs, and workshops to discuss re-readings of datasets. Recent performances include Read my lips: No New Taxes, Galerie Lecq, and A Proposition for Regurgitation, (After Lygia) TENT Rotterdam. Upcoming residencies include SSW Winter Residency, Aberdeen, and Hoordaland Kunstsenter Writers Residency, Bergen.

    4. Dixie Treichel – Everyone’s Here

    Everyone’s Here is an experimental sound collage. It aired on various radio stations internationally during the Fluxus celebration of Art’s Birthday 2019, and is in the Kunstradio Art’s Birthday gift pool.

    Dixie Treichel is a composer, sound artist, sound designer and radio broadcaster. Her sound works have been heard internationally on radio, in art galleries, sound art festivals, new music concerts, theaters and streaming festivals.

    5. Elina Bry – Heartache

    Using my inner rhythm as a tempo, my body as a tool, I reflect on myself and my capacity to stay in balance with myself. Apogee of a heart anomaly.

    Elina Bry is a Glasgow based multidisciplinary and collaborator who considered herself as French/Finnish both equally. Communication is an essential part of her practice as each medium and language has its own strength. She sees language as a medium and by recognizing different self’s in her three languages, she makes the most of them. She is currently exploring the weakness of her body as a medium, considering the inner as a tool, and is finally coming out of the closet as a musician.

    6. Hoyong Lee – Enigma

    Considering the transitional segments of the radio broadcast band as the altered consciousness in a state of precarious drift, this work highlights the perceptional context in which the stream of self-consciousness is intoxicated with the viral word induced-hallucinations. On this transitional path, the signal jamming, fragmented verbal particles and synthetic sonic elements which inhabit the range of frequency interval simultaneously intersect and coexist behind the ‘noise curtain’ in between channels. In parallel with subtly stretched arpeggio, the morse code features gradually, and it’s successively linked side by side and vanishes bit by bit which is juxtaposed with musical tide eventually.

    Hoyong Lee is a Seoul-based electroacoustic composer and radio script writer. He is an Award
    of Distinction Winner in Matera Intermedia Festival 2016 (Italy), and officially selected composer of ‘Musiques & Recherches’ in France 2017. He received a Master of Music degree majoring in computer music composition from the Graduate School of Hanyang University. His artworks were presented in many international conferences like ICMC and various experimental art festivals. With a liberal arts background from undergraduate, his experimental sonic practice has explored various ways of storytelling techniques on digital media platforms with human voice and electroacoustic sounds.

    7. Jordan McDermott – rf wn; FMRT TEST2 [Seg]

    Electroacoustic piece containing a blend of field recordings, synthesis, audio manipulation, sampling, radio, marimba and contact microphones. Inspired by visual work by M.C. Escher and Carl Jung’s ideas on ‘the shadow’. Aiming to create soundscape which is polarised, eerie, mysterious, obscure and somewhat repetitive.

    Student of Digital Music and Sound Art at Brighton University. Producer, DJ, Artist, exploring narrative in soundscapes and integration of a wide range of sound sources.

    8. Harry Gorski Brown – tried calling, Mx

    This is a piece created using sounds I recorded whilst spending a few days in Inverness with my friends in summer 2018, during which we attended a music business conference. It is almost like a sound blog, and roughly flows in chronological order, but often jumps from being in town to being up in the surrounding hills. Its constant is a recording of myself walking through Eden Court and recording things that were happening in the performance venue and conference.

    I am a musician living and studying in Glasgow.

    9. Martian Hello – I’m Made of You – You’re Made of Me

    Inflammatory Haircut is a bizarre, evolving world of an album by Martian Hello. Mutated electronic soundscapes are populated with manic, hallucinatory instrumentals that constantly shift and play against the sturdier backdrops. Most sounds are analog before being digitally manipulated. Conceived as a literally endless album, Inflammatory Haircut will technically never be finished and will only ever grow and mutate at random intervals in the coming years. Inflammatory Haircut is a growing world populated by truly alien forms. Martian Hello are horridus oplopanax and Zachary Zena Giberson, and are in Oregon and Texas, respectfully. They collaborate over the internet and have fun making weird, impossible music together. Both horridus and Zachary make solo music, horridus’ devilsclub project can be found at and Zachary’s lives at They haven’t met yet in real life, but it’d probably be very cool when they finally do.


  • Angelica Castello - catorce reflexiones radio

    25th May 2019  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Catorce reflexiones sobre el fin / Fourteen reflections on the end
    “My end is my beginning and my beginning is my end” (Guillaume de Machaut)
    14 bodies woven with magnetic tapes hang inert in space.
    14 sound miniatures.
    Some are reflected in the others creating a specular circuit between the sound materiality and the magnetofonic object.
    The cycle that goes from the vibration to the support and vice versa.
    Thoughts about the end, the farewell, the return that is always renewed.
    And the beginning, as an inevitable mirror of the end itself.
    1 ma fin
    2 ira
    3 silver
    4 rómpeme
    5 gracias
    6 sicilia
    7 muérete
    8 tombeau 1
    9 tombeau 2
    10 bells
    11 un homme
    12 un enfant
    13 chanson triste
    14 llorona
    Thanks to Foro Cultural de Austria de México, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Roberto Morales, Burkhard Stangl, Jérôme Noetinger, Carlos Prieto, Gudinni
    Cortina and Ana Cortina.


  • Eli Gras - Xylotheque

    25th May 2019  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    I was kindly invited to do a residency at the Worm, for to develop a work related to the idea of a hypothetical psychology of furniture and a possible communication, sort of a language amongst them in relation with “the human world”, that evolves and spreads to other household materials, resulting in a group of tracks trying to somehow express it with a certain narrative; like an electroacoustic sounds theatre fantasy, close to music, but not totally music, it’s in some way an “animistic” sound work.

    I mounted it in between talking parts, forming sort of a little parody, almost a homage to the para-scientific radioplays, to prepare the listening mind and orientation of the concept, also explaining a little tale in order to add a ‘language’ touch to the bunch of absurdity that contains the edited work.

    The sounds were taken from the Rotterdam city environment (hostel stuff, supermarkets, streets…), the Worm building (the rooms, furniture, synthesizers…), in Barcelona (houses of friends, parties, supermarkets…) Really every dot has a little history.

    Locutions: Jesús Brotons, Eli Gras.

    Mastering: Albert Guitart (

    Thanks to: Lukas Simonis and the Worm/Klangendum crew for the opportunity and patience, Ramon Faura for the rhythm pattern and to allow me to record his grandma’s home objects, to Antoine Manent and Florenci Salesas for the extra ears.


  • Stephen Lilly - Entries

    25th May 2019  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    For the past decade, I’ve been weaving soundscapes from my field recordings. Occasionally I process the recordings but more often I’m content with simply concatenating and superimposing. Listening back to the works that make up Entries is like rereading favored entries from a long running journal—the memories as colored and distorted as the sounds that make up these works: The First of May (0:00), a May Day haiku; Postcard (2:53), a summer vacation; Entries (5:52), a year of meditation; Palette (15:08), an artist’s studio; …in a shower of all my days… (22:05), a winter soundwalk; Background (27:22), autumn.

    Stephen Lilly is a Minneapolis-based composer, performer, audio engineer, and sound artist. His music ranges from “dark” and “demanding” (The Retriever) to “‘performance art’…the sort of thing you are glad to have experienced without wanting to revisit” (The Washington Post). Amateur poetics, theatricality, and satire are the trappings of much of his work, the majority of which are chamber works written for friends. Publications: Computer Music Journal, ink&coda, Organised Sound, Performance Research, and Perspectives of New Music. His music is available on SEAMUS, the SCI CD Series, and C7 Music, and his engineering appears on Neuma, Navona, and Albany Records.


  • daniel blinkhorn - terra subfonica

    25th May 2019  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    terra subfónica is a radiophonic work reflecting aspects of sub sound through a series of 19 dramaturgical, radiophonic miniatures. Sub sound in this instance is not a term indicating low frequency sound, as in bass material, but rather a radiophonic suite reflecting and meditating on aspects of that which is below us; ultimately mapping a sub sonic terrain lying just below, or on the periphery of our (typically) perceived threshold of hearing. The sounds and sonic fragments chosen to represent different aspects of sub sound have been used as a basis for generating the narrative/ dramaturgical structure in each of the miniatures. Shards of familiar, strange, overlooked and unheard sounds coalesce, as metaphor and sound arcanum guide the listener throughout each of the works in the suite.’

    Daniel is an Australian composer, sound and new media artist currently residing in Sydney.

    He has worked in a variety of creative, academic, research and teaching contexts, and is currently lecturer in composition, digital music and media at the Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney. He is also an ardent location field recordist, where he has embarked upon a growing number of recording expeditions throughout Africa, Alaska, Amazon, West Indies and Cuba, Northern Europe, Middle East, Mexico, Madagascar, Australia and the high Arctic/ North Pole region of Svalbard.

    His creative works have received various international and national composition citations.
    He is self-taught in electroacoustic composition, however has formally studied composition and the creative arts at a number of Australian universities. More information about Daniel, as well as samples of his work can be found:


  • Dave Allen and Jakob Riis - Inverted and Pursued Ferrari

    25th May 2019  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    In a play of perfectly segueing semantics Allen and Riis come together again in 2019 – the piece was originally presented in 2012 at Klubb Yo Yo in Malmö – to create a new recording, extrapolating the original intention of the phase inversion treatment by simultaneously attempting to achieve the opposite from one another. Remixing via MAX/MSP, Riis turns Allen’s Inverted Ferrari on its head where nothing from something greets something from nothing. Happy 90th Birthday Dear Luc F!

    Composer, laptop musician and improviser Jakob Riis is active in the experimental fields of electro-acoustic music, working in a wide range of different constellations; composing music for spatialization in loudspeaker orchestras, duo collaborations with other improvisers, composing for and playing with and larger orchestras such as Barriärorkestern, Copenhagen Art Ensemble and Konvoj Ensemble.

    Dave Allen works predominantly in the field of Visual Art with a strong interest in the development of experimental and avant-garde music. In 2011, upon an open invitation by the Association Presque Rien (responsible for the works of composer Luc Ferrari) to rework the digital archives of Ferrari, Allen further developed his turntablist phase inversion performance to include a selection of Ferrari’s field recordings whereby silence is sought via playing manipulated versions of the tracks simultaneously.


  • Buffer Zone

    25th May 2019  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    programme/artist information


    Dorota Blaszczak – Inherited Sounds (7:00)

    Robert Scott Thompson – Breathing of Trees (10:06)

    Dorota Blaszczak – Inherited Sounds

    Several old objects from the family house arrived at my place last year. A floor grandfather clock, various boxes and glasses, a counting machine, a typerwiter, a tube radio that still works. Starting the clock introduced a steady counter of time, ticking the seconds and striking the hours as it was in the old house. Touching the belongings brings the sounds that were listened to by many other people before. It’s like a tactile broadcast from the past, sharing the same sounds. The inherited sounds.

    Dorota Blaszczak is an audio engineer in Polish Radio Archives in Warsaw and an assistant at the Sound Engineering Department of the University of Music. She teaches Interactive Sound courses, works with sound restoration and preservation, creates interactive projects. She worked as sound designer for VR projects in Canada.

    Robert Scott Thompson – Breathing of Trees

    Robert Scott Thompson is a composer of instrumental and electroacoustic music and is Professor of Music Composition at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He is the recipient of several prizes and distinctions for his music including the First Prize in the 2003 Musica Nova Competition, the First Prize in the 2001 Pierre Schaeffer Competition and awards in the Concorso Internazionale “Luigi Russolo”, Irino Prize Foundation Competition for Chamber Music, and Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges – including the Commande Commission 2007. His work has been presented in festivals such as the Koriyama Bienalle, Helsinki Bienalle, Sound, Présences, Synthèse, Sonorities, ICMC, SEAMUS and the Cabrillo Music Festival, and broadcast on Radio France, BBC, NHK, ABC, WDR, and NPR. His music is published on numerous solo recordings and compilations by EMF Media, Neuma, Drimala, Capstone, Hypnos, Oasis/Mirage, Groove, Lens, Space for Music, Zero Music, Twelfth
    Root, Relaxed Machinery and Aucourant record labels, among others.


  • LAPS-Ships

    25th May 2019  6:00 pm - 6:40 pm

    programme/artist information

    Thinking about how people are like ships. We carry heavy loads, we come and go, we have names, people can be each other’s ships and of course ships go under.

    Sadder/weirder domain and less pop as our last record was.
    Lamentations and anger.

    A work that mixes the more traditional ‘song’ format with recordings of conversations and field recordings that delve into the collective and separate experiences of two friends and artists.

    A celebration of the relationship and working methods of artists and friends Alicia Matthews and Cass Ezeji. Using a selection of archive and new recordings (including Whats App voice notes, past rehearsal sessions, new studio work and downtime at the baths) the women candidly illustrate a long-standing friendship and creative working bond. Together they explore shared and separate life experiences and journeys; using laughter, chatting and singing together as healing forces.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland.


  • bobbi cameron - holes and spaces and gaps

    25th May 2019  6:40 pm - 7:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This new work explores the potential (and need) for queering architecture through sound experimentations. This work has been developed through a focus on what is unseen or what is missing in modern architecture and the possibilities for sound to be used to queer these spaces through a queer phenomenological approach to sound making.

    The work is being recorded on 8 channels and the aim for the work is to share it in a range of different formats; as an installation within gallery spaces (played across 8 speakers) and independently as a sound work to be shared digitally. I’m excited by the potential that alternative radio opens up for this work, how a range of architectures and journeys could be queered through the listening body and the internalisation of this work that can be achieved through the intimate act of solo listening.

    bobbi cameron is a queer artist based in Glasgow. Her work is concerned with materiality and using acts of queering (often sound based) to dismantle and disrupt normative confinements of space, place and both constructed and bodily architectures.


  • Live-to-Air: Poulomi Desai / Michelle Hannah / Kathryn Ashill

    25th May 2019  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Three performances broadcast live from the theatre at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts:

    Pouloumi Desai
    Michelle Hannah
    Kathryn Ashill

    Pouloumi Desai – “cOMe what May-hum” – it’s our time to dream again

    A live art improvised performance – a tone poem – a desire for new dreams for our futures. Embracing, electrical hums – the bane of audio engineers, the mystical OM, maniacal brexit debates and the puns on May, Glasgow’s “La Belle Electra and the notorious Dr. Walford Bodie, The Electric Wizard of the North”, India’s Jagadish Chandra Bose and his radio experiments in the 1800s, shock jocks, radio phone ins, psychoacoustic illusions, hearing voices, embodied radio noise, and forensic knowing…Bring your mobile phones – you will be part of the performance…

    Poulomi Desai is a Leverhulme Research Fellow and runs the Usurp Art space in London. She is self-taught and has been involved in performance, curatorial projects, live art, sound and photography installations interrogating the politics of identity, listening and perception inspired by her activist background and DIY post punk for over 30 years. She creates performances / compositions with modified sitars, electronics and VLF radio – solo, duos and ensembles. Installation exhibitions include, The Queens Museum, The Serpentine Gallery, Photographers Gallery, The Science Museum, The Oxford Gallery India, Futuresonic and Souzouzukan 9001 Japan. Commissions and performances include, Sonic Acts, Complicite, LCMF, Sound and Music, Fort Process, Clandestino, Colour Out of Space. Her work has been published in six books and she co-founded the youngest black/asian performance company in the UK – HAC in 1981, the first South Asian LGBTTQ campaigning club – Shakti in 1988, and the first HIV/AIDS charity in India – NAZ/NFI in 1991.

    Michelle Hannah – Wilde Code

    Delving deep into the soundscapes and disembodied voice of a dystopian singer. WILDE CODE
    presents a live vocal performance of Hannah’s continuing interest in the ‘dark matter of pop’. An approach to uncover and revel in the Hauntological gaps and detritus of pop culture. Through sampling, automation and digital manipulation this musical guise aims to explore a queer Cosmic Pessimism in the non corporeal world of broadcasting. Referencing sonic and lyrical components sampled from Dusty Springfield, hospital waiting rooms, post club experiences and UVB-76 military transmissions.

    Michelle Hannah is a Glasgow based artist, performer and the creative director of ROST.

    Kathryn Ashill Ft. Pester and Rossi – Principal Boy (Lost Youth)

    Principal Boy (Lost Youth) is a performance that laments the passing of Ashill’s youth, and the demise of the Principal Boy in pantomime.

    The long-standing tradition of the Principal Boy in pantomime begun as a way to navigate strict laws in early theatre prohibiting the use of child actors and female performers. As a result women took up the role of the male protagonist in a ‘Breeches Role’. This was a rare opportunity for an actress in the 20th century to bare their legs. Although less common in the modern day panto, women still regularly take centre stage to play Peter Pan. Thigh slapping is a classic trope of the Principal Boy, the physical and sexual act of emphasising your speech or emotion through whacking your thigh.

    Ashill’s work marries the imagery of pantomime, the principal boy and peter pan as a way of reclaiming space and reconnecting with her youth. She hopes to be one of the Lost Boys.

    “My thigh slapping days are over…”

    Live performance, video and installation present Kathryn Ashill’s personal experiences of high culture and lived working class identity. This clash sits in the disjointed narratives within her work.Ashill pursues the theatricality in the everyday whilst sharing fragments of autobiography, observations on people, history and site.

    Kathryn has made work which focuses on Cliff Richard’s 1996 portrayal of Wuthering Heights’ ‘Heathcliff’; Butlins redcoats/ knobbly knees and performance art; the history of the Principal boy in Pantomime; psychics; Take a Break Magazine; medicinal leeches; regression and a cat who killed someone in a past life.

    Theatre flats and the DIY aesthetic of amateur dramatics articulate the materiality of these themes.

    Kathryn Ashill is a Swansea girl through and through. Ashill obtained a BA hons Fine Art Combined Media at Swansea Metropolitan University (now UWTSD) in 2007. Ashill went on to gain an MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2015, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.
    Kathryn is a current practice based PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, where she is researching the potential of inter-species collaboration in both performance art making and biotherapy. This research is funded by the Wellcome Trust.


  • Shorts M13

    25th May 2019  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Raphaële Dupire Loubaton – deambellation
    2. Samuel A.D. Martin – Night Lessons
    3. Neil Verma – Textures of The Archive, Castle of Illusion
    4. Alessio Rossato – Temple of no Religion

    1. Raphaële Dupire Loubaton – deambellation

    Pièce collective de Joris Dispa, Raphaële Dupire-Loubaton, Gaëtan Parseihan, Jacques Sorrentini et François Wong. Réalisée au studio personnel de Francois Wong à Marseille en 2016

    Pièce pour la radio dont l’enjeu principal était d’être composée à cinq mains. (conception, enregistrements, composition, montage, mixage, rendu).

    A partir d’un parcours tracé dans la Belle de Mai, une promenade s’organise, les enregistreurs sont de sortie. De cette trame, comme d’ un plan séquence, nous garderons le déroulé événementiel. Nous en rehaussons les couleurs ou diminuons le volume, nos interventions sur cette partie “paysage” sont discrètes. Il nous sert de support à une juxtaposition d’éléments extérieurs ou bien à des sur-impressions d’événements originels. En quittant la toile urbaine un interventionnisme plus perceptible se fait sentir… De la rue aux jardins, dans la transition d’une sensation à l’autre, dans un regard qui se porte avec plus d’ insistance sur la “Belle”.

    Raphaële Dupire studied Philosophy and Performing Arts at the University of Paris X.
    As an improviser, she is part of the LANDS trio (minimalist landscape music) with Anouck Genthon and Edward Williams. As a composer, she collaborates with Camille Thilloy, visual artist, in an experimental duo BOA (video/music). As a performer, she creates scores, practices choreographic improvisation. Also, she composes for live shows and regularly interprets acousmatic pieces. Her work weaves links between technical activities and artistic practices, between ephemeral constructions and music, dance and visual arts.

    2. Samuel A.D. Martin – Night Lessons

    I live and work as a sound artist in Copenhagen, Denmark. My work can best be described as experimental soundscapes in collage form, where the radio as a medium, in terms of samples, concept and sound characteristics is featured extensively.

    3. Neil Verma – Textures of The Archive, Castle of Illusion

    This 7-minute piece is a collage of found soundgathered in September 2018 from the many old hinges, drawers, bells, scanning machines, windows and manuscripts of Schloss Wahn, a 13th century manor house in the Rhineland whose name translates as “castle of illusion.” Schloss Wahn is home to the Theaterwissenschaftlische Sammlung, a working theater history archive of the University of Cologne. Sounds were gathered for the Summer Institute at Cologne by Crystal Camargo, Kelly Coyne, Joseph Franjoine, Helene Heuser, Evelyn Kreutzer, Pushpita Mitra, Peter Moorman, Hanna Paveck, Jose Quintero and Neil Verma. The piece was produced and mixed by Verma.

    4. Alessio Rossato – Temple of no Religion

    Piece created with material recorded at Villa Smilea (Tuscany Italy), where Dami’s metal sculptures were sampled in various recording sessions. The sculptures were played in different ways, from the naked hands to wooden sticks, metal, etc… and different types of microphones searching different position in the body of sculptures. The composition process is based on the concept of musical sculpture: five variations have been based on precise focused music.

    The title is inspired by Iglesia sin Religion by Colombian architect Simón Vélez, a cathedral-temple built only with bamboo canes… simple material contradicts the monumentality and functionality of the building itself…

    Graduated in Percussion, Electronic Music and Composition at the Venice Conservatory (A. Vidolin) and ERASMUS with M. Stroppa (MUHO Stuttgart). He attended several composition and electronic music courses: Ferienkurse in Darmstadt (H. Lachenmann, B. Furrer), A. Richard, A. Di Scipio, S. Sciarrino, P. Manoury and San Fedele Musica (Milan). His works were performed in several places: Biennale Musica (Venice), Stagione Rondò (Milan), UNAM, FIMNME (Mexico), FZML (Germany), Auditorium CRR (France), Sound New (UK), OUA (Osaka), MA/IN (Italy), (Michigan), ISSTA (Ireland), SIMN (Brasil), WOCMAT (Taiwan), The BEAMS, ICAD, CEMI circles (USA) etc…
    He is Electroacoustic Composition Teacher at Rome Music Conservatory.


  • Ottaven - OAE

    25th May 2019  10:00 pm - 11:20 pm

    programme/artist information

    Ottaven is the name i chose for my close relation with the sound. With my exercices i try to narrate something around the human being.

    The piece i’m proposing you is a collage of how i do impro with my music. I like the idea of considering music as an image and i like long duration experiences, to let the landscape grows.


  • The Clan of The Safe Fear - Dave Madden

    25th May 2019  11:20 pm - 26th May 2019  12:00 am

    programme/artist information

    The Clan of The Safe Fear began as a look at “cults,”inside and out. However, my thoughts about the acts / constant communication of my hyper-bipartisan nation had me thinking about the notion of safety and what it takes to make myriad personalities feel as such. No one in the United States feels comfortable. Threats seem to come at all of us non-stop. But we’ve been at war for almost 20 years? Wars used to mean we’re scavenging and hiding and fighting. We have nothing to fear except for the sociopaths selling it.

    Dave Madden’s (aka Tulpamancers, nonnon, dj_webern) earliest memories are Magical Mystery Tour, “Paint it Black” and the guy who claimed to be the Lizard King. He uses percussion, found objects and sounds, laptop, turntables and an obsessive bending of synthesizers into the way they are not supposed to react to perform and / or DJ all over the world, from Montreal to Chico, California, in universities, museums and coffee shops, preferring the types of crowds who enjoy John Cage back to back with Anti-Pop Consortium.