May 24th

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24th May 2019
  • Silent Chaos - Origins Live

    24th May 2019  12:00 am - 12:30 am

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    “Origins” was specifically crafted for radio and it is supposed to be listened in a relaxing place, in darkness, so the listener can be easily taken to the worlds Silent Chaos are creating. The tense structured drones create an atmosphere where your sense of historical time is lost, leaving you suspended in a dark and dreamy world, and the far but pressing drums that sneak into that world bring you to ancient times, where the super humans archetypes still reign.

    Silent Chaos (Marta Noone – Modular Synthesizer, Vocals, FX & Ugo Vantini – Electronic Drums and Percussions, Loops, Samplers), is a conceptual experimental music project founded in Rome in 2016, now based in the north-east of Scotland. Their music nourishes of non-linear time, of conceptual and performing circularity: ancient and futuristic sounds advance in a spiral-shaped way. Music is structured but not predictable, in an impromptu composition based on improvisation. Past, present and future times mash up in ancient sonorities and electronic twistings, filtered through the personal musical experiences. They have left behind every formality of instrument’s classic execution.


  • Beagles & Ramsay & Louie Holland - Some Notes on Smiling

    24th May 2019  12:30 am - 1:00 am

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    This work is a specially composed 30 minute mix which combines tracks from Beagles and Ramsay previous albums (Cant pay Wont Pay 1998, Viva Hooky St 2000 ,Oh Rotten Molar 2008 and Goat Brain Perfume 2014) with newer ambient pieces by Glasgow based musician Louie Holland from his 2018 album ‘The Triumph of Zero’.

    Beagles and Ramsay are Glasgow based collaborative artists who have been working together since 1997. They work across mediums and have exhibited widely nationally and internationally – for example in Glasgow at Transmission, Tramway, C.C.A and Pipe Factory and internationally at the Venice Biennale and Gallery of Modern Art New York. Louie Holland is a young musician working in Dennistoun, who has already released two albums since 2017, ‘Circular Holding pattern’ and ‘The Triumph of Zero’. All three artists, previous collaborated on the Uncle Chop Chop publication and performance at the Old Hairdressers Glasgow in 2016.


  • Leo Magnien - Differentes trames 1

    24th May 2019  1:00 am - 1:30 am

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    This work explores various textures of radio static and FM feedback loops. This piece is an attempt to organize the dreamlike state of listening to non-stations. The operator navigates various signals with the help of a modular system. This version has been recorded live.

    leo magnien has been working with sounds for more than a decade. During night shifts in a radio station, he discovered the poetic nature of acousmatic sound and transmission. He has since developed a practice of listening that results in the use of phonography as a basis of all his works. His focus is on the subtle variations, the tenuous perceptions, and how to present these to the listener. He lives in a natural zone in northern france.


  • Mock Rockery

    24th May 2019  1:30 am - 2:15 am

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  • Chelidon Frame - NowHere Nowhere NoWhere:

    24th May 2019  2:15 am - 3:00 am

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    This music is an attempt to tame all the new sounds you meet when moving to a new house, by generating new soundscapes and creating new textures: a deeply personal work, “NowHere Nowhere NoWhere” uses filed-recordings both as raw substances to extract sounds from and backgrounds upon which to add different materials.

    Chelidon Frame is an electroacoustic project from Milano, Italy. He works with drones, found objects, shortwave radio signals and prepared guitars. Since 2013, he released songs for compilations dealing with Musique Concrète. In 2014, “Antartica” was chosen for Saout Radio’s installation “”, for the V Marrakech Biennale. He also worked on the first and third edition of “Waywords and Meansigns”, an unabridged recreation of “Finnegans Wake”. In 2017 is selected for an artistic residence at the San Fedele Centre, Milan. In 2018 worked to various radio installation both in Italy and Canada. He released five studio albums and two EP.


  • Barry Burns - 23 Minutes To Go: Commence Exuding The Opaque Vapour

    24th May 2019  3:00 am - 7:00 am

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    For the last five years I have taken a sample from every video I watch on my laptop. As a tip of the hat to William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson I take the sample from the 23rd minute. Each sample is arranged and layered chronologically, constructing an aleatory narrative, a random DJ mix of dialogue, music and foley, a self portrait of viewing habits and memory. VHS rips merge with Blu Ray restorations, youtube binges mingle with abandoned box sets.

    Barry Burns is not the bloke out of Mogwai, its a different, unsuccessful one. He is the co-manager of Radiophrenia and has used his immense power to give himself the highly coveted 5am slot.


  • Mark Vernon - Hybelkanin

    24th May 2019  7:00 am - 7:40 am

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    ‘Hybelkanin’ is a Norwegian phrase for conglomerations of hair, fluff and dust that appear out of nowhere in homes, perhaps more commonly known as dust bunnies. The piece was composed from field recordings and found tapes gathered from across Scandinavia over the past decade. Originally created as an 8-channel surround sound piece during a residency EMS Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist whose work exists on the fringes of sound art, experimental music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with the disembodied intimacy of the recorded voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the re-appropriation of found recordings. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.


  • Catriona Shaw - Cool and in the cool dark

    24th May 2019  7:40 am - 8:00 am

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    Produced whilst in residence at Cashmere Radio, this radio play deals with the subject of arrival, belonging and returning. It is loosely inspired by Sol Yurick’s novel ‘The Warriors’ and the film of the same name by Walter Hill.

    Using analogue instruments, songs, voice, text and costumes, Catriona Shaw has created a 22-minute work designed for radio, a tale of survival that reflects upon her own geographical movements across the span of her life, her attempts to adapt, conform, and belong to new groups, cultures and territories whilst still battling to retain individuality. The piece premiered on the 4th of November, 2017 as a live broadcast at Cashmere Radio HQ in Lichtenberg and was funded by Musicboard Berlin.


  • Shorts 26

    24th May 2019  8:00 am - 9:00 am

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    1. Paul Baran – December Sun
    2. William Price – I/O (…a manifesto, a lecture, an interview…)
    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Une nuit de risques et de risqués
    4. Expose Your Eyes – Jigsaw – Fourth Piece
    5. Tian Miller – Mahmutlar Bazaar
    6. The Mauve Zone – Pazuz in Aisle 3 (ASDA)
    7. Martian Hello – Inflammatory Haircut
    8. Will Renel Barbara Renel Nick Pemberton – Fire Station Ghosts

    1. Paul Baran – December Sun

    My intention with this work was to bring to the listeners attention the winter aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster through processed violins and gutted pianos, reflecting the deconstruction of Ukranian folk music in the surrounding affected area.
    Production : Gordon Kennedy
    Musicians : Rafe Fitzpatrick (violins) & Paul Baran (prepared piano)

    Paul Baran is a Scots Polish musician and improviser based in Glasgow. He has brought out three albums to international acclaim.
    He is also one half of Sound Art Duo, the Cray Twins.

    2. William Price – I/O (…a manifesto, a lecture, an interview…)

    Commissioned by the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center in Birmingham, Alabama, I/O is divided into three parts and uses spoken text – a passage taken from Luigi Russolo’s 1913 manifesto “The Art of Noise,” a lecture presented by Karlheinz Stockhausen in 1972, and an interview given by John Cage in 1991 – to construct a large-scale musical and textual narrative. The work was composed and edited in the recording studios at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    William Price’s music has been featured at numerous international and national events, including the World Saxophone Congress, the International Trumpet Guild Conference, the International Saxophone Symposium, the Musica Viva Festival in Portugal, the Musinfo Journées Art & Science in France, the Engine Room International Sound Art Exhibition in London, the Festival Internacional de la Imagen in Colombia, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Chamber Music Festival in Singapore. Dr. Price serves as Associate Professor of Music and Coordinator of Theory and Composition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Une nuit de risques et de risqués

    A sonic late night erotic fantasy. 2 track fixed media acousmatic music composition realized in 2018. Created using various techniques and technologies such as analogue modular, FM and granular synthesis as well as field recordings. Recorded in my studio Eclisse. My compositions are a synthesis of various sound art traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art.

    My works have been presented at the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Bushwick Open Studio Festival in Brooklyn and at Utopie Sonore in Torcé-en-Vallée, France. Several compositions have been featured on Bernard Clarke’s radio program Nova on RTE’s Lyric FM in Ireland, on the Radiophrenia program in Glasgow, Scotland. Phaune Radio from Montpellier, France as well as Radio Art International and Passport International on CHOQ Radio in Montreal, Canada. Additionally, my work has been included in Stephane Marin’s Espaces Sonores release “North American PhoNographic Mornings”.

    4. Expose Your Eyes – Jigsaw – Fourth Piece

    Paul Harrison – been playing around with noises since the mid-1980s since I started making my own experimental films & creating soundtracks – decided that the noises themselves created their own images so focussed more on just the sounds. I started the project EXPOSE YOUR EYES sometime in the early 1990s – mostly solo, but also working with lots of other people from time to time – see Soundcloud for list of people:

    See the Bandcamp for some of the people I collaborated with (Nocturnal Emissions, Lasse Marhaug, Thirdorgan, Government Alpha etc.)Recently I have been enjoying putting out LOADS of sounds using lots of different names – Warland Drain, Paradox Encounter Group, Chapman – and more recently David Harrison, Obstacle My Arms & Egone. I have also more recently started doing a collaborative project with Chandor Gloomy – called HAIR’S ABYSS.

    5. Tian Miller – Mahmutlar Bazaar

    During my travels to the South coast of Turkey in 2014 I visited a bazaar in the village of Mahmutlar. There my attention got drawn towards the eager conversations and haggling between a seller and his customers at a bag stall. The sound of the prayers in the background could be heard in the distance during the day and was repeated four times at different hours.

    Tian Miller is a Norwegian artist based in Norway. She mainly works with mediums such as collages and drawing including discarded and found textiles which she processes using different techniques, but has more recently gained an interest in making use of sound in her practise.


    6. The Mauve Zone – Pazuz in Aisle 3 (ASDA)

    DiscountGnostic and the enigmatic Eggblood – a Birmingham based sonic archaeologist collaborate under the name The Mauve Zone to document our magical operations in familiar high street settings.

    Our agenda: to facilitate the manifestation of abject entities so they may stalk the shopping centres of the everyday world, desolate and tormented, seeking release in the mystical formulae of discounted product price codes. Ours is the soundtrack to the realm of Shells.
    Pazuzu in Aisle 3 (ASDA) is one such sonic invocation.

    7. Martian Hello – Inflammatory Haircut

    inflammatory Haircut is a bizarre, evolving world of an album by Martian Hello. Mutated electronic soundscapes are populated with manic, hallucinatory instrumentals that constantly shift and play against the sturdier backdrops. Most sounds are analog before being digitally manipulated. Conceived as a literally endless album, Inflammatory Haircut will technically never be finished and will only ever grow and mutate at random intervals in the coming years. Inflammatory Haircut is a growing world populated by truly alien forms. Martian Hello are horridus oplopanax and Zachary Zena Giberson, and are in Oregon and Texas, respectfully. They collaborate over the internet and have fun making weird, impossible music together. Both horridus and Zachary make solo music, horridus’ devilsclub project can be found at and Zachary’s lives at They haven’t met yet in real life, but it’d probably be very cool when they finally do.

    8. Will Renel Barbara Renel Nick Pemberton – Fire Station Ghosts

    Fire Station Ghosts is a collaboration between a sound artist, a poet and a fiction writer. It was created for the White Watch exhibition which celebrated the opening of The Old Fire Station Arts Centre in Carlisle, Cumbria (2015). Barbara’s ‘fragments’ were a result of her spending time wandering in the derelict building before work began on the reconstruction. The sounds are auditory reworkings of a phonography project titled Sounds of a London Fire Station, composed during Will’s MMus in 2013. Nick’s sonnets that bookend the work were inspired by material found at the Carlisle Archive Centre.

    Will Renel
    A PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, Will’s practice as a sound artist and designer emerges at the junctions between acoustic ecology and inclusive design. His current work explores the ways that sound socially includes or excludes d/Deaf and disabled people from society.

    Barbara Renel
    Flash fiction writer, her work has appeared in print and online including Noon Departures (Arachne Press tbp), The Dawntreader (Indigo Dreams), The Bath Flash Fiction Festival Anthology1(AdHoc Fiction), Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Spelk, FlashFlood Journal,, Structo, A3 Review.

    Nick Pemberton (1947 – 2018)


  • Gillian Lever - Queen of the Should

    24th May 2019  9:00 am - 9:30 am

    programme/artist information

    Queen of the Should is a stereo sound work. It is a story about loneliness and/or solitude, and was inspired by the artist’s revisitation of memories of living in Glasgow 20 years ago, recollected through lenses of distance and nostalgia.

    Gillian Lever is an Australian sound artist and composer whose interests include the relationship between sound and space, auditory perception of spatial cues, and how listeners describe their sonic experiences. She makes finely detailed, meticulously constructed works which engage with personal histories and resonate with the embodied listener. Gillian completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sound) with Distinction at RMIT University, Melbourne, in 2017, and is a founding member of Starlings Spatial Sound Collective. She is currently undertaking a Master of Design by Research degree in spatial sound at the School of Design, RMIT.


  • Gabriele Hasler - Sommerfrische

    24th May 2019  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Schaalsee, July 18
    The Schaalsee region is one hour east from Hamburg. The Schaalsee was divided in the middle between East and West Germany. Today it is a very quiet region, full of biological diversity.

    „Sommerfrische“ is an old fashioned expression for a lazy summer holiday.
    Three strands make the braid of this joyful summer holiday soundscape.
    1.) Talks with Irene, the landlady, about gardening, cooking and life…
    2.) Acoustic atmospheres like families at the lake, birds and insects,
    café talks, a boat trip, singing monks
    3.) Sounds generated by things found in the Thoreaulike wooden hut I lived in

    Gabriele Hasler (*1957) studied at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. Since the early eighties she has performed in Europe, South Asia and North Africa. As singer/composer she can be heard on 25 CD/LPs. Her solo album “im bauch der vokale” got a reward from the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik (2013). Her newest album “fundstuecke” features her long collaboration with drummer/percussionist Günter Baby Sommer (Laika Records, 10/2016).
    During the past years she started to make fieldrecordings, to produce soundscapes for her live
    performances as well as Klangkunst pieces for radio (DLF Kultur, Kurzstrecke). Gabriele Hasler lives and works in Hamburg.


  • Antje Vowinkel - Call me yesterday & The Goal

    24th May 2019  10:00 am - 11:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Old language courses on tape or vinyl: They should have brought us all together, but what happened? In the regular pauses we were asked to imitate perfect native speakers. These pauses seemed to become longer and longer, seconds turned into light years, vinyl grooves turned into orbits while the speakers seemed to withdraw from each other more and more. Deep in the universe you still hear a gentle „Hallo“ but nobody answers. Nevertheless, there is music. Full of peculiar melodies and rhythm, that only arose as a side effect of the effort to speak clearly and perfectly. – Other parts in this universe deal with the poetry of misunderstanding and repeating.

    All music (organ, harmonium, piano, flute, electronics) by Antje Vowinckel
    (exceptthestrings in „thesoundof m“ , playedby Benedikt Bindewald, Cathrin Romeis, Josa Gerhard; theaccordeonwaltzandthesingerfrom a German hypnoticcourse on tape)

    With additional voicesof:
    Gilles Aubry, Nicolai Franke, Marie Goyette, Diane Greenwood, Jens Jarisch, Annette Krebs, Michael Lissek and Jacqueline Macauly;

    The texts „This is a bird“ and „The dormitory“ arewrittenby A.V.

    Special thanksto : Alessandro Bosetti, Giorgio Bosetti, Sandrine Castelot, Walter Filz, Giuseppe Ielasi, Eddi Rogers, Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

    The project was supportedby „filmstiftungnrw“. Awardedwith Karl-Sczuka-Förderpreis and Prix Ars Acusticaof RNE/Madrid. )

    The piece is based on recordings of international TV and radio reports during the final game of the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The Mexican artist Emiliano López Rascón asked in an open call to upload these reports to a common audio pool and to create a piece based on the last 20 minutes of the 120 Minute game, in which Germany won against Argentina. The Goal zooms acoustically in and out the game. It plays with the sound of the kick, the stadium atmosphere and the names of the players.

    Antje Vowinckel is a sound artist, radio artist and musician. She works for a variety of public radio stations and creates live performances and installations in public space. e.g. In places of Logic for text projections, organ and objects and Inside-out (Bucharest). Works have been presented on international festivals e.g. Issue-Project-Room, NYC, ZKM and others. Her focus is on the musicality of the spoken wordin works based on automatic speaking or dialect compositions. For her work she was awarded with the Karl-Sczuka-Förderpreis, Plopp-Award, Prix Europa, ZKM-Award „Ferrari recouté“, Ars Acoustic Award of RNE Madridandbalonbabel, CMMAS, Mexcio.


  • Chris Biddlecombe & David Trouton - Underwater Conversations live in the studio

    24th May 2019  11:00 am - 11:30 am

    programme/artist information

    Underwater Conversations is a story beginning with two opposite journeys – one in the past in the West, one in the present in the East – that then meet in the middle. Underwater Conversations is part detective story, part archaeology, part ambiguous reinterpretation – a narrative sometimes viewed through a distorted lens in order to reveal a deeper truth.

    In the late 1860’s a family of Dublin piano makers move to Addiewell in West Lothian to design and build machine parts for the shale oil industry. When the industry falters the eldest son moves to the Port of Dundee to work in the burgeoning whale oil trade. In 2017 a young man from the Japanese whaling town of Taiji travels to Dundee to study computer games technology. His apartment overlooks the derelict warehouse where, in the late 1980s, the broken carcass of an unusually narrow upright piano was found. In the middle, stands the captain of the whaling ship Wisdom Wing. It is said that on stormy Arctic nights the captain would play a piano on deck to lure in the Black Whale – a song of entrapment…or a lovelorn lament?

    Chris Biddlecombe has worked as an independent artist exhibiting mixed media installations and performances in the UK and internationally – creating over 100 site specific projects over the last 20+ years. His commissioned works are interactive social, historical and geographic responses to specific public sites and communities that have encouraged collaborations with architects, engineers, planners, museum curators, writers, performers, musicians and other creative makers. Chris created a 30minute broadcast on Radiophrenia in 2017 as the Record Store collaboration with Janie Nicoll.
    David Trouton is a musician with a history of working in Theatre, Dance and other collaborative artforms where music and sound are used to create, imply or enhance narratives. He is curious to explore the psychology of sound as it affects an audience’s response to a work – implying historical, geographic and emotional meanings that may or may not be there. Together as No Noise Projects, Chris and David have worked together since 1999 creating audio / sculptural collaborations and theatre. Their sound works often use musical instruments, spoken word, found sounds, electronica and sampling, aligned to multi media installations. Their projects research historical and contemporary truths, listen to curious logic and lateral whispers, to then go on to create new interpretations, hidden stories and believable fictions.


  • Buffer Zone

    24th May 2019  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    LAPS – Mojo (3:45)
    Zoe Chalaux – In a Cup (3:37)
    Paul Michael Browne – Pocket Call From A Stranger (5:47)
    Sebastian Aker – «…i mitt fellehus» (4:33)

    Kerrith Livengood Clang Jingle Clang blog 183 (3:41)

    LAPS – Mojo

    A new Radiophrenia commission from LAPS titled Ships will be broadcast on Saturday 25th May at midday and 6pm.

    Zoe Chalaux – In a Cup

    In a Cup is a two voices poem based on a youtube video tutorial by a Thai teaching how to count in Chinese and the homophonic youtube translation. I learned the Thai-Chinese part by heart and an english friend learned the youtube english translation and we performed in a mirror way.

    I joined the wonderful world of art three years ago when I entered ESAAA, Annecy Alpes Experimental School of Art. Most of my work consists in videos, sound pieces and sound/text performances. I am often playing again a piece of reality that appeals to me – whether a sound, an accent, a cinema genre… Through the process of selecting and playing it with my own means, something new is created. In 2019, we created with colleagues a radio collective, Trente Minutes au Four. We’ve broadcasted three live programs through the web so far (links soon available). This collective is a way for us to experiment radio art and to share this experience with listeners.

    Paul Michael Browne – Pocket Call From A Stranger

    Ongoing voicemail project. British artist. Working with text, prose, sound and ordinary objects. Interested in human interaction and the internal dialogue, memory, mental health, and the slow rush of time.

    Sebastian Aker – «…i mitt fellehus»

    The foundation of these sounds comes from a pump organ with punctured bellows. You have to really work the pumps to get a good sound, and it feels almost cathartic. What seemed like a fun afternoon with informal recording equipment has been processed into a reflection my state of mind at the time: Anxious incidental noises, weak and whispering notes, and general claustrophobia. But the rich sound of the old instrument and the memory of it is still pleasant!

    My work focuses on the line between reality and fiction in sound representations, playing with the original ideas of musique concréte. Instead of only using the abstraction of acousmatics on what you can hear, I like to extend it to references within the music itself, which can be cultural, natural or even adapted to external themes.

    Kerrith Livengood – Clang Jingle Clang blog 183

    3/3/11: robot cooking class: PD patch, trash cymbal, feedback

    Clang Jingle Clang was a project for which I created a new piece of electroacoustic music every day for a year, and posted it online.

    I am a composer and performer who, between September 2010 and September 2011 created, recorded, and posted a new piece of electroacoustic music online, every day, using concert instruments toys, tools, instruments, computers, friends and anything else I could get my hands on.


  • The X-Static Tics - Day of The Great Tit

    24th May 2019  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    A radioplay by the X-Static Tics (Henk Bakker and Lukas Simonis)

    The story is set in the year 2222. Dead Henk, a living corpse brought to life from a previous century (he died in 2121) is forced to be interviewed about his attempt to stabilize the world by introducing people to art. Was it due to his efforts that there are no more wars in 2222, that everyone has made peace? There are no more conflicts. Weapon manufacturers only make space ships. part of humanity is migrating to other solar systems although that is not really necessary; the earth is clean, pollution has been banned. The curiosity about dead Henk is great because with the disappearance of traumatic and conflict situations all forms of art are wiped out. Only the music has survived this genocide on the uncomfortable; after all, you must have something to listen to.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland.


  • Broken 20 - li Series Complete

    24th May 2019  12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    In 2017, Glasgow’s Broken20 label commissioned ten writers to work with sound artists to create new work together. Here for the first time are the authors reading their pieces overlaid with the audio the sound artists created for them. Tales of loss, reverie, hope and despair mingle with travelogue and polemic, all backed with new experimental sound works.

    Ruaridh Law co-runs the Glasgow based Broken20 multimedia label and is an established sound artist in his own right, having performed, djed, exhibited and improvised through the UK and Europe for 20 years. Broken20 has become known for unorthodox formats and pairing sometimes disparate art forms together, pushing the boundaries of what a record label can be.



  • Shorts S19

    24th May 2019  1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Mark Hume & Bruce McClure – Phone Monkeys
    2. Anna Wolfe Pauly – sun
    3. Nicola Giannini – Eyes Draw Circles Of Light
    4. Claire Barwell – Flat Life #1
    5. Francis Heery & Adam Flint – Twig and Limb

    1. Mark Hume & Bruce McClure – Phone Monkeys

    George Albaster is a concept. He is a 1980s teen avant-garde turned mainstream horror movie star from Fenwick, Ayr. George catapulted into the mainstream after appearing in the 80s/90s hit trilogy “Atheist Cop”, famous for its controversy surrounding holy war. Excessive drug use and failed rehabilitation attempts ensued. Before he knew it he was watching Marlon Brando’s daughter throw herself from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Following a 4 year disappearance, he returned to write and direct the acclaimed Netflix TV series “People of the Canyons”, now in its seventh season. The interview that Radiophrenia aired last year contained George’s confession of “The Lost Years” – a self inflicted hiatus spent away from the media limelight, during which George fell within himself, tackling his own demons whilst recording his thoughts. These are some of those recordings, against a backdrop of the droning noise George’s own mind reverberates in an infinite-delay feedback loop.

    George Alabaster was imagined by long standing friends Bruce McClure (District Nurse, Seed Records) and Mark Hume (Autocrat, Mark Zoom). The chain of thought prose was recorded in early 2019 near Joshua Tree, California where Bruce spent time with Bill Pulman’s daughter. The remainder of George’s thoughts will be contained in a free cassette, sellotaped to the comic book series of Atheist Cop (created by independent artist Doktor Geraldo (Comixcentral)).

    2. Anna Wolfe Pauly – sun

    Anna Wolfe-Pauly, or ANNA, is a multidisciplinary artist from California. WARM ANNA is both experiences and exercises focused on expanding the listening register. With a super slo-mo sensibility, Anna leads workshops and gatherings internationally that focus on deep listening, time-based aural practices, and exploratory group sound. The core of the sonic program here is a series of exercises, Warm Ups, that display Anna’s attention to voice, to language, to listening. Unyolked from a discrete musical practice, this humble voice music is not demanding, but it commands time to unfold. Traces of phrases buckle and echo and stretch and yawn into and out of one another. The “Extreme Slow Song(s)” are experiences from a group Anna coordinated that would gather and then sing a song as slowly as possible. Their footsteps flex boards in space, and add to the expansive listening habitat.

    3. Nicola Giannini – Eyes Draw Circles Of Light

    Words: Elisabetta Porcinai, Alice Nardi
    Voice: Elisabetta Porcinai

    The piece aims at exploring specific aspects of the human unconscious characterizing that brief time between wake and sleep, portraying the relationship between psyche and body, with an emphasis on those involuntary pre-sleep movements. The piece is also inspired by the concept of tensegrity, or tensional integrity, a structural principle based on the use of discrete and distinct elements subjected to compressive forces. The work tries to find a balance between elegance and experimentation, femininity and masculinity, also reflecting its intergender nature. I composed it drawing inspiration from a poem written by Elisabetta and Alice and interpreted vocally by Elisabetta.

    Nicola Giannini is a Sound Artist and an Electroacoustic Music Composer. He is interested in sounds that evoke physical materials and living organisms. His practice focuses on acousmatic multi-channel composition and live performance. His music has been performed in USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Mexico and Italy. Nicola has a master degree in Electroacoustic Composition. From September 2018 Nicola is a PhD candidate at the Université de Montréal, under the supervision of the Professor and Composer Robert Normandeau. Nicola also joined the Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale (GRIS) as research assistant.

    4. Claire Barwell – Flat Life #1

    One minute of hell in my flat (thanks to neighbour’s improvements).

    Claire Barwell is a filmmaker, this is my first audio montage

    5. Francis Heery & Adam Flint – Twig and Limb

    A collaboration between poet Adam Flint and composer Francis Heery. It is part of a larger project planned for release in 2019.

    Adam Flint is an English poet based in Berlin. His work has featured in journals such as The Rialto, Stand, Black Box Manifold and in Corbel Stone Press’s Contemporary Poetry series. His chapbook, “Glade Parts” is published by Bitterzoet Press in America. A section of a cycle of poems based on alchemy was recently published by Shearsman.

    Francis Heery is an Irish composer/ improviser. His work has featured at international conferences and festivals in Europe and the USA and his electronic music is released on Lamour Records, farpoint Recordings, and Fort Evil Fruit (as The Cube of Unknowing).


  • Matthias Urban - SiAI

    24th May 2019  2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

    programme/artist information

    Recorded in Iceland during 2013 – 2016, originally released 2018 on cassette via Dinzu Artefacts (

    “Four years of pristine Icelandic recordings converge on this cassette, unfolding as the story of a sonic adventurer, plunging himself into polar temperatures, daring the surf to swallow him whole, gingerly approaching the local seal population and asking for ~ no, stealing ~ an interview. Urban released a wide variety of recordings this year, but this is his best, a cacophony of surf and snow that sounds as bracing as the conditions in which it was recorded.”
    A closer listen (

    Matthias Urban, born 1986 in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg) is an Austrian Sound artist. He creates electroacoustic/concrète sound-pieces based on analog and digital processing techniques. In his works he mainly uses environmental recordings, tape recorders, experimental miking, DSP and other–mostly magnetic-based–vintage sound equipment.


  • Joan Schuman - Radiation Day: A Conversation With Anna Friz

    24th May 2019  2:40 pm - 3:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Anna Friz churns up ambient sounds without definitive understanding of what is being heard. The sonic horizon is vast, making for delirious and exhilarating chaos. This audio portrait features the international radio artist at the edges of Chilean desert and urban geographies to examine relationships to mineral extraction, digital technologies and our obligations around environmental sustainability. It’s a clash of hard and soft, our listening bodies and ruins of the future. All ambient audio courtesy of Anna Friz and videographer Rodrigo Ríos Zunino, recorded with stereo and contact mics, hydrophone, radio and VLF receivers.
    Bio for Joan Schuman
    My audiophilia whispers into the radio’s ear with documentaries and poetic narratives airing globally via artist-curated programming. Listening along the central California coast, I teach production artistry online at The New School for Public Engagement and curate Earlid, a virtual space for adventurous sound artistry, radiophonics and curious listeners.


  • Matt Warren - Threshold or The Even Keel

    24th May 2019  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    As a man falls alongside a building, he thinks about spaces in between, different states, about ways of being and considers how we may all be evolving in mind and spirit. Entering an apartment, he is shown around the rooms by a guide who speaks of different liminal states. Who is the guide, is it the faller himself in evolution? This is a sound-world that questions certainty about binary existence, on or off, all or nothing, awake or asleep. It explores the merging of these and the questioning of ones own preconceptions about the self and those around us.

    Matt Warren is an Australian electronic media artist, musician, curator, radio presenter and writer. His music and sound practice has a basis in both composition and improvisation. The work explores memory, transcendence, liminal spaces and suspension of disbelief.
    He records and performs live solo and with collaborative music projects and has performed as part of the Damo Suzuki Network and the Hobart Improv Collective. He has undertaken sound-based residencies with Jean-Yves Thériault in Montreal, Canada and Damo Suzuki in Cologne, Germany and produced sounds works that have been presented in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the USA.


  • Jack Vickridge - The Kitchen

    24th May 2019  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    The Kitchen is an investigation into the sound-world of an intimate enclosed space. Micro and macro sonic details are played out across a 30-minute audio drama. Pots and pans are moved across the space whilst a tap drips and hot grains crackle. Small animals feast on found berries and wind whistles through milk bottles by an open window. As a storm outside builds, water threatens to engulf the space. These sounds of the kitchen are accompanied by occasional instrumentation.

    Jack Vickridge is visual artist based in Glasgow. He studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2008. He recently had solo exhibitions at Supplement Gallery, London (2018), and Titledateduration, Manchester (2017).


  • Anna Friz and Emmanuel Madan - The Joy Channel

    24th May 2019  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This speculative radio art piece imagines a future where the airwaves are used to transmit not just sound but also human emotion. In a transformed social and political and landscape, dispersed nomadic communities practice a form of tele-empathic communion without devices. Corporate powers attempt to control the population by flooding the airwaves with addictive standardized emo-casts.

    Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and radio artist whose works for performance, installation and broadcast focus on media ecologies, signal space, political landscapes and infrastructure, time perception, and speculative fictions. Anna is Assistant Professor of Sound in the Film and Digital Media Department of University of California, Santa Cruz.

    Emmanuel Madan is a musician, composer and sound artist. He is co-founder, with Thomas McIntosh, of [The User] – an artist collective working at the intersection of sound, space and technology. In his solo sound art practice, he explores phenomena such as electromagnetic induction and accidental speech. Madan is currently the National director of the Independent Media Arts Alliance in Montréal.
    Stream here (includes more info, credits, etc):


  • Anne-Laure Pigache & Isa Stragliati - Parole Paysage

    24th May 2019  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    A live radiophonic performance, a drift in the language.
    Parole Paysage is a monthly radio show hosted by Anne-Laure Pigache. Between 15 and 30 minutes to explore the very specific format of radio live where the invisible public is fantasized. And where the radio breaks into every nook and cranny of the intimate territories of the listener. A space where the word is sound, the sound becomes a word, the interstice of language at the limit of the signifier, a dive into the phonemes of the language. A wandering in the corporeality of speech. For this show she invited Isa Stragliati for a voice/vinyls duo.

    Live broadcast June 18 2018 on Radio Campus Grenoble
    Anne-Laure Pigache
    Vocalist and improviser living in Grenoble. Working in the field of sound poetry, at the crossroads of theater and experimental music, she is particularly interested in the state of improvisation and the quality of presence that this state gives to performers. As a vocalist, she is regularly invited for concerts of improvised music and radio creations. Since 2010, she has been exploring the musicality of language in particular. She is interested in everyday speech to bring out music and poetics.
    Isa Stragliati is a sound & radio artist, composer and DJ. Her productions and live performances, involving field recording, documentary, radio drama, electroacoustic music or techno, have been broadcast on national radios and international networks, and programmed in festivals, events and art centres in Europe and Asia.


  • Linda O'Keefe and James Sansom - Reflections on a Journey Through Asian Flatpack Cities 2

    24th May 2019  5:30 pm - 5:45 pm

    programme/artist information

    Myself and the Malaysian based sonic artist Matthew Sansom are currently working on a large sound art project in Malaysia’s Sunway City. Sunway City is a newly developed City on the fringes of Kuala Lumper. It is primarily a city of Malls, elevated walkways and elevated bus corridors, entertainment zones, living spaces and universities. It is built on the site of an old copper mine. I have visited Sunway City twice so far in September 2018 and January 2019 working on recordings, soundscape walks, reflexive journaling, graphic score development, video and photographic documentation. We are planning future excursions and visits.

    The work will consist of a selection of soundscape recordings from our walks through newly developed cities in Malaysia and the older parts of the city of Kuala Lumper, alongside snippets of our recorded conversations and readings of the reflections we have been sharing since we started working on this in September 2018. The work will be developed as a kind of detached self-reflective documentary style mode of listening and recording. We will also include reflections and sounds from my journeys through Chinese Cities over the past two years.

    It explores ideas about the impact of culture and religion on open spaces and their seemingly random but community based soundscapes, versus the interior programmatic soundscapes of newly built Mall cities. It also explores ideas about safe soundscapes/places and unsafe soundscape places, connected also to older city spaces and newly built and controlled city spaces. The rhythms of the city soundscapes, the new and older communities, the emergence of commodified spaces and their controlled sound systems, the mix of cultural music in public open markets in Kuala Lumper and the religious calls to prayer and singing vendors will be some of the themes explored in this sonic piece.

    The radio work will consist of a mix traditional style discussion on the themes above interspersed with soundscape recordings and abstract sound design, and recordings of our reflections. The work wants to push forward the idea of the sensory impact of sound and our connection to space, work which both artists have pursued in practice and through research. Using radio as a space to present an ethnographic experience of wondering through a city that is both unique because of its cultural heritage, a mix of three distinct cultures, Chinese, Arabic and Indian, and an emerging homogenised economy of western style mall cities, universities and shopping districts that creates a soundscape of anywhere”.

    Myself and Matthew have worked as sound artists for a number of years producing works for public art commissions, radio transmission, performance, installation and CD.


  • Buffer Zone

    24th May 2019  5:45 pm - 6:00 pm

    programme/artist information


    Kerrith Livengood- Clang Jingle Clang blog 101 (2:10)

    Michelle Hannah – AVAL (7:44)

    Kerrith Livengood Clang Jingle Clang blog 101

    11/10: lost focus: bowed cymbal, bowed ukulele, piccolo, whistling, more feedback

    Clang Jingle Clang was a project for which I created a new piece of electroacoustic music every day for a year, and posted it online.

    I am a composer and performer who, between September 2010 and September 2011 created, recorded, and posted a new piece of electroacoustic music online, every day, using concert instruments toys, tools, instruments, computers, friends and anything else I could get my hands on.

    Michelle Hannah – AVAL

    Michelle will perform a new live-to-air piece for Radiophrenia on Saturday 25th May:


  • Maria Fusco - Legend of the Necessary Dreamer

    24th May 2019  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    “a new classic of female philosophical writing” Chris Kraus

    Legend of the Necessary Dreamer is an ambient novella, a multi-sensory essay, an excavation of the historic Palácio Pombal, a work of impatience and death. Maria Fusco reads the whole book, acting as an ear and a mouth, creating embodied entanglements, paying close attention.

    Legend of the Necessary Dreamer is published by Vanguard:
    Maria Fusco is an award-winning Belfast born writer based in Glasgow, working across fiction, criticism and theory, her work is translated into ten languages. Her collection Give Up Art: Collected Critical Writings (LA/Vancouver: New Documents, 2017) has been described by James Elkins “after a book like this, most nonfiction seems curiously unaware of what writing can be.” Her latest work ECZEMA! celebrates the 70th anniversary of the NHS, commissioned by National Theatre Wales, it is published as a vinyl disc by Accidental Records. Master Rock is a repertoire for a mountain, commissioned by Artangel and BBC Radio 4, the experimental radio play has been experienced by more than 2.5 million listeners. She is a Professor at Northumbria University, previously Reader the University of Edinburgh and Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland.


  • Eggblood - I'm a Morose (Excerpt from - A Teenage Regression)

    24th May 2019  7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This collage is based on a memory regression recording. It documents a young shored Naval Matlow from Birmingham lost somewhere in the memory of a past experience of Navy Days. A festival/celebration of The Royal Navy, at the Plymouth Naval Based in the early 1980’s. It is presented as a fictional piece with elements of a semi-autobiographical drama…
    “Last nerve inroad for a cake walk down Rea Street. Via a pub crawl down Union Street, before the long and final sea walk to the Falkland Islands end road”


  • Eothen Stearn & Kari Robertson & Gill Partington - Vagina Loquens

    24th May 2019  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Vagina Loquens is a sonic collaboration between visual artists Eothen Stearn and Kari Robertson and academic and musician Gill Partington.

    The project investigated through voice, interview, literature, narrative, noise, synth, pop and hip-hop the evolution of the figure of the talking vagina from 18th century colonial France to the contemporary context. The resulting work is a critical but playful examination of the relationship between the spoken word and the vagina, what we call it, what it calls itself, what it calls us. The piece also attempts to de-essentialise the vagina, to make the vagina a modality, an agent, a circluding form rather than a passive piece of anatomy.

    Featuring excerpts from: Les Bijoux Indiscretes – Denis Diderot & On Circlusion – Bini Adamczak.

    And samples of: Sheela-Na-Gig – PJ Harvey, Period Piece – Jenny Hval, Our Musical Ode to The Clitoris – Refinery29, Not Tonight – Lil Kim, My Vag – Awkwafina, Pussy – Lady, Boss Ass Bitch(Pussy Rap) – Nicki Minaj, Equal Rights – Ishawna, Pu$$y – Iggy Azalea, P-U-S-S-Y – Azaelia Banks, Straight Outta Vagina – Pussy Riot, Throw That Boy Pussy – Fly Young Red, Time to Tell – Cosi Fanni Tutti, To The Moon & Back – Fever Ray

    And the voices of: Lila Athanasiadou, Shraddha Borawaka, Daniel Toumey, Kari Robertson, Tracy Hanna, Erika Roux, Larisa David, Lili Huston-Heterich and Raluca Croitoru.

    Produced by Dr Klangendum for Worm/Concertzender.

    Jingles by the Doctor.


  • Shorts L12

    24th May 2019  9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Leonie Roessler – Kalpit’s Kitchen
    2. Vincent Eoppolo – Self Transcendence
    3. Philip Smith – Kitchen Symphony (for Kate & Thiemo)
    4. Matteo Polato – Study for the great god pan

    1. Leonie Roessler – Kalpit’s Kitchen

    Kalpit’s Kitchen is made of field recordings that I took in India in November of 2017, during The Story of Space Festival. My assistant Kalpit Goankar had invited me to his village in the South of Goa. We spent time at a beautiful and untouched river, which you hear in the beginning of the piece. And then, piece by piece, a kitchen scene emerges – the sounds of his family preparing feast for us. As the kitchen sounds get increasingly dense, the sound of the river is slowly replaced by the sound of fish being fried in the kitchen.

    Leonie Roessler is a sound artist/composer/performing currently residing in The Hague, Netherlands.

    2. Vincent Eoppolo – Self Transcendence

    A work exploring the struggle of freeing oneself from their ego. 2 track fixed media acousmatic music composition realized in 2018. Created using various techniques and technologies such as analogue modular, FM and granular synthesis as well as field recordings. Recorded in my studio Eclisse. My compositions are a synthesis of various sound art

    traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art.

    3. Philip Smith – Kitchen Symphony (for Kate & Thiemo)

    A kitchen symphony in four movements:

    i) Meer im Kuhlschrank
    ii) Vögel im Topf
    iii) Wind durch der Kochstelle
    iv) Abwaschen

    [Translation: i) The Sea In The Fridge; ii) The Bird In The Pan; iii) The Wind Across The Hob; iv) Washing Up

    Phil(ip Mark Christopher) Smith is an artist working with words, music, sound, and radio.

    My websites:

    4. Matteo Polato – Study for the great god pan

    The great God Pan invented the flute, and learned to play by listening to the songs of the birds. But the muses chose Apollo as their god of music. What was left to Pan was the sound of nature, the reverb, the resonance, the echo. The mysterious and uncanny sound of what we
    can hear but we can’t see, that lies in that liminal space between physical perception and inner world. It is told that Pan died, and with Pan also Echo died. “Nature ceased to speak to us, or maybe we couldn’t be able anymore to hear it. Pan the mediator, as an ether which invisibly envelops nature with subjectivity, with shining, disappeared” (J. Hillman). But still, Pan continues till now to live in the dreams, in the nightmares, in the hallucinations, when the boundaries of the erotic and the fearsome blurs. Pan lives in the dream triggered by a sound, which obtain a new form and a new context in our mind. In “The Great God Pan” I tried to focus on that sound, to let that echo resonate again. I closed seven nights in a feedback loop, as in a cyclic ritual, a process in which every night is recorded in the place where i sleep and played back the following night, recording again, and so on. To sleep while listening to ourselves dreaming.

    Matteo Polato was born in Padova (Italy). His works has been presented and performed at XXI CIM Cagliari, Diffrazioni Festival, SaMPL living lab Padova, Impuls festival Graz, NYCEMF, Helicotrema,VERV, Re-Sound Padova, Galleria Nazionale Roma, European Cultural Centre Venice, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Storung festival Barcelona, Liverpool international festival of Psychedelia, Vortex club London, Tokyo Metropolitan theatre, and broadcasted in radios such as BBC 6, RAI 3, Resonance FM, radio Corax. As Yami Kurae ,with Jacopo Bortolussi, he scored movies such as “Nigorie” (Oku Shutaru, 2018) and “Our Escape” (Nobuteru Uchida, 2017). He plays with Mamuthones and Slumberwood (Boring Machines, Rocket Recordings), reviewed by Simon Reynolds, The Wire, The Quietus, London Times and others.


  • Oliver Farrow - arrangement one

    24th May 2019  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    The source material from this piece was recorded with drummer Tom Bevan. The process involved me creating a sonic framework that he could improvise in. The material that came out of this session was then remixed into a 30 minute excursion titled ‘arrangement one’.

    Oliver Farrow is a composer and producer seeking to explore the relationship between electronic music and other genres. He is often collaborating with other disciplines in the hope to reach a creative middle ground that allows something unique to occur.


  • radioart106 #113 Dror Feiler

    24th May 2019  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This is a selection of seven shows from radioart106 compiled for radiophrenia 2019. Produced and presented by Meira Asher, radioart106 broadcast details:
    WGXC 90.7fm – 1st Saturday 11am ET (-5 UTC)
    USMARADIO – 1st Tuesday 7pm CEST

    Radioart106 is part of the network.

    playlist‪:‬Säl ‪(‬20‪03)‬
    32˚ 43′ Nord 33˚ 31′ Ost (2015)
    Müll (2008)
    Protest against Neo-Nazi demo Stockholm (Hakan Akcura 2014)
    Azaka (2000)
    Zvug IV (2011)
    Music is Castrated Noise (2008)
    Halat Hisar (2006)

    “The Israeli- Palestinian conflict has been ever present in my life. It was part of my childhood and it has become a vital part in my daily political work and all the way into my music and art. Yes, my whole artistic/political stance characterized by ”resistance aesthetics” an activist approach of a cross-border character.” Dror Feiler

    Dror Feiler grew up in a kibbutz in Israel and did his military service as a parachutist. In 1970, when the IDF sent him to occupied Gaza, he decided to refuse to participate in the Israeli occupation policy and refused to serve in the occupied territories. He moved to Sweden in 1973 where he studied composition at the music academy of Stockholm. Dror Feiler is one of the leading composers and improvisers in Sweden and together with artist Gunilla Sköld they run the gallery tegen2. Dror is one of the thinkers and entrepreneurs of the Freedom Flotillas to Gaza in 2010-2012 and 2015.


  • Ohad Fishof - Uri Katzenstein Farewell

    24th May 2019  11:00 pm - 25th May 2019  12:00 am

    programme/artist information

    U.K (with Ohad Fishof), Skin O. Daayba, U.K (with Ishai Adar), U.K (with Binya Reches & Ohad Fishof), U.K and more.

    A playlist I’ve made for Uri’s Funeral. It was made fast, with eyes full of tears and is by no means conclusive of his musical work.

    The Israeli artist Uri Katzenstein (1951-2018) was a sculptor, performance artist, musician, filmmaker and builder of sound machines.

    Katzenstein studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 1970s, and after receiving his MFA moved to New York City where he lived and worked throughout the 1980s.

    His early performance works were regularly presented at such legendary performance venues as The Kitchen, the No Se No Social Club, Brooklyn Arts Council, 8BC and Danceteria. His works in sculpture, video and installation have been exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum (New York), the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, the Tel Aviv Museum, The Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Museum Beelden aan Zee (Scheveningen) and the State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg).

    Katzenstein has participated in the São Paulo Art Biennial (1991), the Venice Biennale (2001), the International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires (first prize, 2002), the Biennale in Poznań, and the 9th Istanbul Biennial (2005).

    His performance works have been shown in theatres and galleries in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Cardiff (Wales), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), New York and Tel Aviv.

    Uri Katzenstein lived in Tel Aviv and taught at the Department of Fine Art at the University of Haifa. He was 67 years when he died.