May 21st

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21st May 2019
  • Radio Picnic - Music for the Radio 2 Antoine Lang

    21st May 2019  12:00 am - 1:00 am

    programme/artist information

    A series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio.
    It was and remains necessary to see the radio not only as a medium but also as art. Radio art is discordant with radio and music in their traditional perceptions. Music in particular, in its classical diffusion, does not adapt efficiently to the radio medium, because it is not designed for this medium and does not take into consideration its specificity and its paradigm.
    These radio concerts have been performed and recorded live at the Radio Picnic Studio in Brussels between March and June 2018.

    Production : Radio Picnic – Zonoff


  • Minimal Resource Manipulation - Longwave Drift

    21st May 2019  1:00 am - 1:30 am

    programme/artist information

    This 30 minute piece explores the notion of emptiness and dead air, of radio waves drifting through time, picking out peripheral sounds in the ether and transmitting them back in slow moving progressions. Constructed using field recordings, drones and computer software the piece aims to take the listener on a journey into inner space.

    MRM (Minimal Resource Manipulation) Recordings is a DIY label that I set up in 2006 to release my own compositions digitally and as handmade CDrs and cassettes. I consider myself a non-musician. I don’t approach my art from an academic standpoint, having had no formal training. Instead the terms arranger, collector or curator might better describe my practice in sonic and visual art. Using an old computer running cracked software and without a mixing desk or any outboard gear my sonic explorations use sounds from field recordings I’ve made as the building blocks of these ‘constructions’.

    I’ve also released music on other labels such as Falt (France),Midnight Circles (Germany), Rusted Tone Recordings (UK),Epicene (US), Smallfish and Suburbs of Hell (UK) and The Unexplained Sounds Group (Italy). I’ve been played on Zoviet France’s ‘A Duck in a Tree’ show on Resonance FM a number of times and the British Library have also recently added the MRM back catalogue to their sound archive.


  • Martin Back - Smash the Universe Completely

    21st May 2019  1:30 am - 2:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Smash the Universe Completely is part of a larger and ongoing series of electronic drone music works that explore timbre, stasis/dynamism and change verses stillness. This work was composed with the Cecilia software platform.

    Martin Back is a composer, performer, media artist and educator. Much of his current work is focused in generative and drone music, field recording, and video works exploring extreme states of visual perception. His works have been shown, auditioned and performed in traditional and unorthodox venues internationally. He is currently Senior Lecturer of New Media Art at the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, USA where he lives and works.


  • Austin Larkin - short wave - tone - moment

    21st May 2019  2:00 am - 3:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Short wave – tone – moment was recorded entirely using the webSDR built and maintained by University Twente in Enschede, Netherlands. The simultaneous recording of four bandwidths at a time introduced a prismatic effect in which periodic tone and aperiodic tone are coupled. Slowly tuning each bandwidth presents over a long duration a kaleidoscopic effect through the means of transmission, as the bandwidth in which this piece is transmitted changes in each moment according to time and place of the listener, proximities to electromagnetic objects, and astronomical conditions.

    Austin Larkin is an artist focusing on sound and its (in)audible forms and substances. His work involves composition for ensembles of instruments, environments and instances. His practice with the violin remains a primary means of manifesting and researching sound, specifically how tones dwell and unfold. He currently lives near the Duwamish River on traditional lands of the Coast Salish people in what is now known as Seattle, Washington.


  • Barry Burns - 23 Minutes To Go: Commence Exuding The Opaque Vapour

    21st May 2019  3:00 am - 7:00 am

    programme/artist information

    For the last five years I have taken a sample from every video I watch on my laptop. As a tip of the hat to William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson I take the sample from the 23rd minute. Each sample is arranged and layered chronologically, constructing an aleatory narrative, a random DJ mix of dialogue, music and foley, a self portrait of viewing habits and memory. VHS rips merge with Blu Ray restorations, youtube binges mingle with abandoned box sets.

    Barry Burns is not the bloke out of Mogwai, its a different, unsuccessful one. He is the co-manager of Radiophrenia and has used his immense power to give himself the highly coveted 5am slot.


  • Jason Khan - Capital Steel

    21st May 2019  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    programme/artist information

    “capital steel” describes in word and sound my visit to the decaying steelmill “capital steel” on the outskirts of beijing. more than a mere documentation, “capital steel” examines the space of remembrance: how can one understand the substance of a place through sound and text resonating across time?

    born 1960 in new york, raised in los angeles. moved to europe in 1990 and is currently based in
    zurich, where he is active as a musician, artist and writer.


  • Shorts 23

    21st May 2019  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    programme/artist information

    1. Martian Hello – Daytime Smell-O-Vision Drama
    2. Robert McClure – lingering garden
    3. Sonic Bothy – Duo 8
    4. Julia E Dyck and Amanda Harvey – Foxtrot
    5. Lorenzo Cimino – orch’idea copia
    6. Jaxton Su Jingxiang – connection
    7. Julia Bunnagel – Race Track
    8. Elina Bry – Concrete Music

    1. Martian Hello – Daytime Smell-O-Vision Drama

    Inflammatory Haircut is a bizarre, evolving world of an album by Martian Hello. Mutated electronic soundscapes are populated with manic, hallucinatory instrumentals that constantly shift and play against the sturdier backdrops. Most sounds are analog before being digitally manipulated. Conceived as a literally endless album, Inflammatory Haircut will technically never be finished and will only ever grow and mutate at random intervals in the coming years. Inflammatory Haircut is a growing world populated by truly alien forms. Martian Hello are horridus oplopanax and Zachary Zena Giberson, and are in Oregon and Texas, respectfully. They collaborate over the internet and have fun making weird, impossible music together. Both horridus and Zachary make solo music, horridus’ devilsclub project can be found at and Zachary’s lives at They haven’t met yet in real life, but it’d probably be very cool when they finally do.

    2. Robert McClure – lingering garden

    lingering garden refers to the Chinese classical garden in Suzhou, China. A striking feature of the Lingering Garden is the multitude of “Scholar Stones”; large rocks that have been naturally carved to make unique shapes. These stones were chosen based on aesthetic qualities from the Tang Dynasty. Thinness, openness, perforations, and wrinkling; the basis for how many of the sounds are processed. Sounds include striking/rubbing stones, sounds taken from my collection of singing bowls, gongs, and small metal instruments, a large Chinese drum, digging in dirt, and field recordings taken directly from the Lingering Garden in the summer of 2015.

    Robert McClure’s music attempts to discover beauty in unconventional places using non-traditional means. His work has been featured at festivals including NYCEMF, Beijing Modern Music Festival, ISCM, TIES, SEAMUS, and ICMC. His works may be found through ADJ•ective New Music LLC, Bachovich Music Publications, Resolute Music Publications, and Tapspace Publications as well as on the ABLAZE and Albany Record labels. Robert received his doctorate from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Robert has previously held positions at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Soochow University in Suzhou, China. He serves as Assistant Professor of Composition/Theory at Ohio University.

    3. Sonic Bothy – Duo 8

    Sonic Bothy Ensemble’s debut album, Fields, launches in February 2019, featuring pieces recorded after a year of creating new work and performances. Tracks explore improvisation and experimental music and instruments, constantly moving into new territory. Sonic Bothy is an inclusive new music ensemble, based in Glasgow, that explores, composes and performs experimental and contemporary music. The group is made up of musicians with additional support needs and experienced musicians who practice in Glasgow’s new music scene. Formed in May 2012, the ensemble was the first inclusive new music ensemble to play and be programmed at many of Scotland’s new music festivals, such as; GIOfest, Sound Festival and Counterflows.

    4. Julia E Dyck and Amanda Harvey – Foxtrot

    An experimental, improvised composition using live electronics, field recordings, spoken word and archival material from radio broadcast signal tests. This piece centers on the commodification of bodily pleasure as it relates to the expansion of space and time.

    Amanda Harvey and Julia E Dyck are members of the XX Files, a long running Montreal-based feminist radio collective. Their work looks to demystify and democratize technology through conversation, composition, workshop, and performance; they engage in exploration, creation and critical reflection through electronic experimentation and production.

    5. Lorenzo Cimino – orch’idea copia

    Lorenzo Cimino is an Italian trumpet player and composer. He has taught at the University of Pisa , Conservatory of Bologna, Istituto Boccherini Lucca.He made numerous recordings on behalf of Rai and won the audition for the first trumpet in the orchestra of the Fermo Festival. He has carried out an intense concert activity, founding and working for ten years the Ensemble Giacinto Scelsi, also performing numerous compositions in the first absolute performance, many composers have dedicated pieces to his trumpet On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dadaism he plays and writes the music of the Performance “WiTz”, the only Italian project awarded by the Dada 100 Foundation in Zurich

    Discography : Voluta Musicale , Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca 1992; Amore Pirata con Lester Bowie Ed Il Manifesto 1998; Mondo Volato ed Blue Freak 2018

    6. Jaxton Su Jingxiang – connection

    Connection is a series of sound recordings of conversations with Hochul Lee, an artist from South Korea. Although there was a huge language barrier through verbal exchanges between international people that have just met, a special bond was forged at that very moment. Through these casual conversations, the notion and power of human connection is explored.

    Jaxton Su is a multidisciplinary visual artist who graduated with a Master of Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art, UK. Alongside his art practice, he is also actively involved in community, curatorial and educational ventures and has worked on a variety of projects internationally in Thailand, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Iceland and United Kingdom.

    7. Julia Bunnagel – Race Track

    Faster…faster….noise! Wrooommmm, Schrrrreeee, beautiful technical beast! Scratched tracks, worn grooves, motor races, technical details. Race Track is a soundpiece made out modified records of howling motors,bruit cars and abstract rythmic noises mixed in one go on turntables.
    Enjoy the ride!
    Julia Bünnagel mixed this Race Track especially for the parking lot exhibition no. 5 of the Kunstverein St.Pauli (HH, Germany). From modified records and vinyls with engine noises, a beat-heavy noisetrack has emerged, which could be heard in a car in the car park at Theater Bremen.
    Now for you – Radiophreniacs! – turn your radio on!!!

    Julia Bünnagel is a contemporary sculptor, installation artist and sound performer based in Cologne. She is part of the female sound art collective Berg/ Bünnagel / Lautermann.
    Julia Bünnagel performs with modified records which produce the sounds. The records with sawed, painted or pasted surfaces mixed together to driving rhythmic soundscapes. The turntable becomes a musical instrument. – The DJ-Set a sound sculpture. – White Noise, fragments of music and loud dirty beats!

    8. Elina Bry – Concrete Music

    Can anyone make concrete music? YES and here’s why.

    Elina Bry is a Glasgow based multidisciplinary and collaborator who considered herself as French/Finnish both equally. Communication is an essential part of her practice as each medium and language has its own strength. She sees language as a medium and by recognizing different self’s in her three languages, she makes the most of them. She is currently exploring the weakness of her body as a medium, considering the inner as a tool, and is finally coming out of the closet as a musician.


  • Connor Walsh - Not walking on eggshells

    21st May 2019  9:00 am - 9:44 am

    programme/artist information

    A lot of wildlife conservation is done by volunteers; this is a portrait of a volunteer count of a seabird called the Manx Shearwater. The count relies on sound much more than sight, and this 45 minute programme introduces the how conservation scientists approach and engage with the shearwaters: from career development at one end of through scale, through caution, dedication, and wonder at the other.

    Connor Walsh is a conservation scientist with a background in audio, including as a volunteer for In The Dark.


  • James Wyness - And the Earth Appeared

    21st May 2019  9:45 am - 10:00 am

    programme/artist information

    And the Earth Appeared is a realisation of a work-in-progress which makes use of climate change sonification data (arctic ice, CO2 mapped to glacier ablation, both historical and future projections), official UN statements on climate change, read excerpts with translations (synthesised voices) from the oral histories of Arctic communities and interviews about how climate change will or won’t affect future soundscapes.

    James Wyness is a composer, radio artist and collagist based in the Scottish Borders.
    His compositional work, based on recorded sound and electronics, is characterised by an articulation o fmusical structure through the evolution of long-form dense textures. His radio work explores the conceptual and social dimensions of radio, in particular ideas around sound, silence and political constructions of voice and language, on how such constructions affect identity and how channels of communication are controlled and directed. His work has been performed, exhibited and commissioned internationally.


  • Andrea Ray - ReCast LIVE ON-AIR

    21st May 2019  10:00 am - 11:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Project: ReCast LIVE ON-AIR (54:53 minutes, 2018) ReCast LIVE ON-AIR is a radio play that takes the shape of a live studio discussion, broadcast from a fictive radio station (WPPF Past Potential Future) in which people from across more than 200 years meet to share their intimate perspectives on gender and non-monogamy. One radio guest is a 19th century free love commune member who shares the continued relevance of their community’s free love practices; another is a 20th century essentialist feminist who is unable to let go of the gender binary; others speak from a future where neither gendered subjectivites nor singular forms of relationships exist.

    Andrea Ray has a cross-disciplinary artistic practice. Focusing on the possibility of collapsing time through affective contact between history and people, Ray creates artworks that embody both literary and discursive approaches to the subjects of attachment and community, attempting to repair an alienated subjectivity through what she terms “expanded affinities”. Ray’s work has been exhibited at Wesleyan University’s Zilkha Gallery, Sculpture Center, Apex Art, MoMA P.S.1 Clocktower Gallery, White Columns, and the Wanås Foundation in Sweden. Ray’s work has been included in Art Forum, Bomb Magazine, Zing Magazine, New York Times, and Art News.


  • Buffer Zone

    21st May 2019  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    programme/artist information


    Maryhill Integration Network – Kerchoo (3:09)

    Joe Howe – The Dirty Table Part 1 (08:13)

    Phaune Radio – Tiny Tunes – metamorphoses: physarum-polycephalum (6:00)

    Linda O’Keefe & James Sansom – Reflections on a Journey Through Asian Flatpack Cities 1 (15:00)

    Kerrith Livengood – Clang Jingle Clang blog 122 (1:08)
    Rosa Farber – Live in the Studio

    Maryhill Integration Network – Kerchoo

    ‘Kerchoo’ is a brand new work, recorded by – and featuring the voices of – members of Maryhill Integration Network. They’ve been working with ScotRail, and with the producer & sound artist Steve Urquhart, to create a series of podcasts about newly arrived people’s experiences of using the railway in Scotland. The podcasts are supported by Foundation Scotland, and will be released next month (June 2019).

    Joe Howe – The Dirty Table

    The dirty table, a tribute to six years in food service.
    Text & Sound by Joe Howe, read by Niall Morris.

    Phaune Radio – Tiny Tunes – metamorphoses: physarum-polycephalum

    Every big blob was a small blob in the beginning. – Chinese Proverb

    “Strange slimy genius, neither plant, animal nor mushroom”, the Physarum Polycephalum, or “Tiny multi headed bladder”, aka the “Blob” still astonishes the scientific community.The slime mold, which feeds on fungi, bacteria and other microbes, is endowed with strange learning abilities… The secretion of mucus protects her against desiccation but also deposits chemical trails that facilitate the route optimisation: a kind of outsourced spatial memory which allows to move to the speed of 1cm / hour, by changing shape – contractions, pulsations and other rhythmic acrobatics. Beyond its adaptation and memorisation skills, the blob also seems able to transmit its knowledge to his fellow, temporarily merging with them. Rhythmic tale and driving force of a brainless unicellular organism that challenges all common beliefs about intelligence … On this stage, everything is possible. Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World, a series for all who dare to live the mold.

    Phaune Radio is an ever-expanding world of homemade sound creations. Around here, we tickle your imagination. Around here, things that cannot be possibly taken seriously can still give food for thought. Around here, that’s up to your ears. Every month, it’s also a podcast that is produced for you and the curious waves of more than a dozen radios.

    Linda O’Keefe and James Sansom – Reflections on a Journey Through Asian Flatpack Cities 1

    Myself and the Malaysian based sonic artist Matthew Sansom are currently working on a large sound art project in Malaysia’s Sunway City. Sunway City is a newly developed City on the fringes of Kuala Lumper. It is primarily a city of Malls, elevated walkways and elevated bus corridors, entertainment zones, living spaces and universities. It is built on the site of an old copper mine. I have visited Sunway City twice so far in September 2018 and January 2019 working on recordings, soundscape walks, reflexive journaling, graphic score development, video and photographic documentation. We are planning future excursions and visits.
    The work will consist of a selection of soundscape recordings from our walks through newly developed cities in Malaysia and the older parts of the city of Kuala Lumper, alongside snippets of our recorded conversations and readings of the reflections we have been sharing since we started working on this in September 2018. The work will be developed as a kind of detached self-reflective documentary style mode of listening and recording. We will also include reflections and sounds from my journeys through Chinese Cities over the past two years.

    It explores ideas about the impact of culture and religion on open spaces and their seemingly random but community based soundscapes, versus the interior programmatic soundscapes of newly built Mall cities. It also explores ideas about safe soundscapes/places and unsafe soundscape places, connected also to older city spaces and newly built and controlled city spaces. The rhythms of the city soundscapes, the new and older communities, the emergence of commodified spaces and their controlled sound systems, the mix of cultural music in public open markets in Kuala Lumper and the religious calls to prayer and singing vendors will be some of the themes explored in this sonic piece.

    The radio work will consist of a mix traditional style discussion on the themes above interspersed with soundscape recordings and abstract sound design, and recordings of our reflections. The work wants to push forward the idea of the sensory impact of sound and our connection to space, work which both artists have pursued in practice and through research. Using radio as a space to present an ethnographic experience of wondering through a city that is both unique because of its cultural heritage, a mix of three distinct cultures, Chinese, Arabic and Indian, and an emerging homogenised economy of western style mall cities, universities and shopping districts that creates a soundscape of anywhere”.

    Myself and Matthew have worked as sound artists for a number of years producing works for public art commissions, radio transmission, performance, installation and CD.

    Kerrith Livengood – Clang Jingle Clang blog 122

    1/1/11: new and old salt: salt shaker, piano, miscellaneous other samples

    Clang Jingle Clang was a project for which I created a new piece of electroacoustic music every day for a year, and posted it online.

    I am a composer and performer who, between September 2010 and September 2011 created, recorded, and posted a new piece of electroacoustic music online, every day, using concert instruments toys, tools, instruments, computers, friends and anything else I could get my hands on.


  • Oliver Pitt - Line Clean 9-6

    21st May 2019  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Line Clean 9 – 6 is composed around a series of abstract, rhythmic recordings made on shift at work (in the cellar of a pub), household objects (bins, bikes and cookers) and snippets of found sound recorded on a phone. Using a process of layering and splicing plus augmenting with ‘traditional’ instruments, he aims to draw out the beauty and musicality in everyday sound exploiting the harmonic and structural qualities inherent in everything we hear. The resulting collage combines, water pumps, beer kegs, bin lids, sound checks, bouzouki, clarinet, MS20, cowbells, choral polyphony, pipes and whistles.

    Oliver Pitt is a musician based in Glasgow. He plays in various groups and bands and runs the label Akashic Records.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland, The Jerwood Foundation and Resonance Xtra.


  • Anna Wachsmuth - Tannhäuser

    21st May 2019  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    The piece Tannhäuser looks into the construction of an idealised and romanticised image of nationalism that leads to a new strengthening of the far right in Europe, with a specific observation of Germany. I deconstructing the myths around Wagners Tannhäuser overture and the sentiment that boils down to fascism and the creation of the new old ‘Other’, represented in recent public racist excesses in Germany.

    Anna Wachsmuth is an artist working in installations, including sculpture, print, video and sound, often accompanied by publications and zines. Her practice is concerned with political and social issues of our time. She is the co-founder of Radio Dacha, a radio show disassembling the concept of the ‘East’ through music, which started at Subcity Radio Glasgow. She is currently studying an MFA at Goldsmiths, London.


  • Shorts 9

    21st May 2019  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Abby Lee Tee – Simulacrum I-VII
    2. Holger Mohaupt – Field recording of an ordinary spectacle
    3. Joe Harney – And He Opened His Eyes And Looked Skyward
    4. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-2709
    5. Broken Glass Productions – Footsteps
    6. Thaddeus J Milne – GoodNight
    7. Mark Vernon – Cataphonic State
    8. Toni Dimitrov – Crossbreed

    1. Abby Lee Tee – Simulacrum I-VII

    “Imaginary Friends I” draws immersive little pictures of (re)imagined places and their inhabitants, or rather, the other way round. While imaginary companions are still mistakenly associated with deficits or even mental health issues most of the time, researchers say that they can be an important way to develop creativity and coping skills, not only for children. Beside bedding your cuddly toys for the night, it just feels natural to build them a sonic home too, twisting everyday-life sounds as well as acoustic instruments and arcane field recordings, always exploring the boundaries of human perceptions of nature and artificial worlds. Expect obscure soundscapes full of grunting hedgehogs, squeaking otters, sizzling electric fences and whistling water kettles.

    2. Holger Mohaupt – Field recording of an ordinary spectacle

    “In recording a ritual, we discover a complex and spontaneous stage setting whose creator we most often know nothing about. We don’t have time to look for this indispensible guide if we want to record the spectacle that is beginning to unfold and cannot be stopped.” – Jean Rough

    Harpist – Sophie Askew

    Holger Mohaupt is a European artist based on the East Coast of Scotland. He is interested in social landscapes, routines and immersive narratives.

    3. Joe Harney – And He Opened His Eyes And Looked Skyward

    A composition for piano and tape elements, and features snippets of conversation with my grandfather waxing lyrical about the end of World War 1. A timely work, given the recent 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. It’s a very overtly emotional piece, made in the wake of my grandfather’s passing, my way of saying goodbye to him.

    Deaf Joe is a pseudonym of Edinburgh-based musician, composer and sound artist Joseph Harney. He has a background working in theatre and dance in Ireland, composing for an array of new stage works. The Deaf Joe project has seen a number of album, EP and single releases, with music ranging from straight folk to abstract ambient.

    4. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-2709

    We are Archivosonoro (Soundarchive) from Chiapas, Mexico. The team are Gabriela Guadalupe Barrios García and Carlos Emilio Ruiz Llaven. Las latas de Don Renato (Don Renato’s Thin Cans), is about short stories (1 minute long) tell told only with sounds, no talk, no spoken word in any language. Don Renato (fictional character) is an old man who likes to collect sounds and keep in cans… so share with us your collection with many many cans.

    5. Broken Glass Productions – Footsteps

    6. Thaddeus J Milne – Good Night

    “good night” deals with issues of intelligibility in transmission and its effect on meaning. The piece is derived from a recording of a poetic recitation which is obscured such that some listeners may understand more of it than others. There is a sense of anxiety and foreboding here which seems to be enhanced by the listener’s struggles to understand what is being said. An individual’s reaction to the piece is modulated by the extent to which they choose to engage the text, and this difference in mood directly correlates to the classic range of reactions to this particular text.

    tjvm is an early starter and a late finisher. He loves sound very much, and started working with it a long time ago. tjvm sometimes goes by Thaddeus J. Milne, or even just Tj. He has learned and taught with many different people in many different places, and hopes to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. He tries to always remember that he is roughly as important as anyone else, no more or less. He is often awake until the sun comes up.

    7. Mark Vernon – Cataphonic State

    8. Toni Dimitrov – Crossbreed

    A short sound essay about abandoned village Lazaropole and our predecessors that used to live there in the past. Lazaropole is a village in the western part of Macedonia, situated on a plateau at Mount Bistra and surrounded by beech and oak forest, at 1350 m altitude, it is one of the highest settlements in the country.During the ages, very rich with spirituality and culture, now completely abandoned without any permanent inhabitants.

    Toni Dimitrov a multimedia artist, cultural explorer, radio activist working in the field of radio and media for 20 years, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber, but also sound designer, graphic designer, dj, organizer, label owner, based in Skopje, Macedonia. He is doing various projects related to sound/art, radio, field recordings, he is curating the label post global and various sound/art events.His radio programs broadcasts on music radio Kanal 103 and are dedicated to contemporary electronic music, soundscape, field recordings but also discussing various socio/cultural topics. At the moment working on projects related to political analysis of media. /


  • Antje Vowinckel - Tuning Butterflies

    21st May 2019  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Dialect compositions combined with an poetic essay about the difficulties to catch dialect melodies in the field. Imitation voices: Antje Vowinckel, Serge Baghdassarians and Marc Sabat. Cd edition coming soon (errant bodies press)

    Antje Vowinckel is a sound artist, radio artist and musician. She works for a variety of public radio stations and creates live performances and installations in public space. e.g. In places of Logic for text projections, organ and objects and Inside-out (Bucharest). Works have been presented on international festivals e.g. Issue-Project-Room, NYC, ZKM and others. Her focus is on the musicality of the spoken wordin works based on automatic speaking or dialect compositions. For her work she was awarded with the Karl-Sczuka-Förderpreis, Plopp-Award, Prix Europa, ZKM-Award „Ferrari recouté“, Ars Acoustic Award of RNE Madridandbalonbabel, CMMAS, Mexcio.


  • Nicola White - A Narrow Soul live in the studio

    21st May 2019  2:30 pm - 2:45 pm

    programme/artist information

    The story of Marina Abramović, the Newcastle snake-handlers, and the missing python in the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

    Nicola White grew up in Ireland and New York and graduated from Trinity College, Dublin. She lived in London and Belfast before moving to Glasgow to work as a contemporary art curator, moving on to produce arts documentaries for BBC radio and television.
    In 2008 she won the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writer Award, and began to publish short stories in a range of journals, anthologies and for broadcast on Radio 4. In 2012 she was Leverhulme Writer in Residence at Edinburgh University.

    Her novel, In the Rosary Garden, won the Dundee International Book prize and was shortlisted for the 2014 Deanston (now McIlvanny) Prize. It was selected as one of the four best debuts by Val McDermid ‘New Blood’ panel at the Harrogate crime festival and was one of the Glasgow Herald’s 2014 ‘books of the year’.

    She publishes non-fiction with The Dublin Review and has contributed essays to numerous visual art publications, such as the National Galleries of Scotland’s 2014 ‘Generation Reader’.

    Nicola currently splits her time between Glasgow and the Highlands, which means she lives mostly on the A9.


  • Kristoffer Raasted & Ragnhild May - Onomatopoetica

    21st May 2019  2:45 pm - 3:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    The piece consists of voice, modular synthesizer, cymbals and recordings of new year communal bell ringing in Tokyo and is a collaboration between Ragnhild May (electronics) and Kristoffer Raasted (vocal). With Raasted’s lyrics as a starting point, the duet creates atmospheric sounds in the intersection between acoustic and digital. The piece is recorded in Copenhagen and Tokyo.

    Ragnhild May (1988) is a sound artist from Copenhagen DK. She received her MFA in Music/sound form Bard College (US)

    Kristoffer Raasted (1988), Copenhagen Denmark, is a sound artist, singer and percussionist. He studied media arts at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art.


  • The Office For Joint Adminstrative Intelligence - General Audit 3

    21st May 2019  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    General Audit 3 is a compilation of The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence’s monthly broadcasts for Sonic Assembly on Kuzu 92.9fm in Denton, Texas. As their appointed foreign correspondents the OJAI undertakes the radio project with the following core objectives: to bring site-specific and new experimental content from Belgium and Germany to Texas. To excavate stories and output of forgotten sonic activists. Most importantly to record, archive and broadcast sound collages from our urban habitat – sounds of transport, industry, architecture, administration, politics and law enforcement. OJAI collaborates with like-minded colleagues to share research, knowledge and the pedagogical power of music.
    The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI) was founded in 2015 by Chris Dreier (DE) and Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE) and is headquartered in Berlin and Brussels. OJAI research focuses on power structures embedded in the built environment and the agency of the self in
    history’s bigger narrative. OJAI takes the form of surveys, field trips, publications, performances, videos and a radio show. OJAI exhibitions, temporary offices and performances have taken place at Marres – Center for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin), Groelle pass:projects (Wuppertal), 500X Gallery (Dallas), ISELP Institute (Brussels), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels) and AIR (Antwerp).


  • John Hall - Oss Night, Short Rising

    21st May 2019  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Built around a field recording of the 2018 Stretton Oss Short Rising, and drawing on contemporary and archive recordings of its’ central song, the piece explores the affirmative nature of ritual and the liminal spaces it creates. Reference points include George Melly, Mott The Hoople and Mayday.

    The additional music is by Nick Morland and Mike Willoughby. The Archive recordings come from the collection of Denis Copeland. The narrators are Andrew Deakin and John Hall.

    BIOG: John Hall works with sound and narratives. His radio work includes broadcasts for the Sao Paulo Biennale, Radio Revolten, Hannah FM and Resonance FM.
    John’s recent work explores ritual, vernacular and communal memory using music, sound and performance.
    ” A weirdly thrilling project” Wire.


  • John Hughes - An Investigation into the Capture and Public Display of the Acton Town Otter / Cases 1 - 3

    21st May 2019  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    An Investigation into the Capture and Public Display of the Acton Town Otter / Cases 1 – 3

    Recording Date: 2018 – 2019, Night Turn Engineering Hours

    Notes: Electro-magneticsounds UNDERGROUND / Field recordings at night / animal noises / CASIO SK1 Electronic Keyboard / SAMPLR improvisation
    Sub – Titles: Case 1: A Memo for Mr J / 2018 / 19:45
    Case 2: Bull Bridge Bollo / 2019 / 13:34
    Case 3: The Gunnersbury Triangle part 1 & 2 / 2019
    / 12:42(part 1) and 10:15 (part 2)


  • Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz - Embodied Radio Device

    21st May 2019  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz team up to present a mixture of sounds based on artificial intelligence and human controlled synthesizer systems. The AI (provided by Absolute Value of Noise’s new outdoor installation work – Solar Radio) is trying to recreate the sounds of life in its immediate environment – imitating the sounds of insects, birds, frogs, magnetic phenomena, rain falling, and waves on the ocean. Anna Friz plays along with manipulated voice (the human synthesizer) and the evocative sounds of the Tetrax Organ. Loosely defined, the piece has five parts: rain, birds, magnetics, river delta, and the sun.

    Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise (Peter Courtemanche) are Canadian sound and radio artists. Anna Friz creates self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation and performance. Her compositions reflect upon public media culture, environment and infrastructure (human and extra-human, acoustic, and electro-magnetic), time perception, and speculative fiction. Absolute Value of Noise creates radio and outdoor installations. He likes to work with “gadgetry” – custom turntables, lamp filaments, wire coils, high voltage ionizers, magnetic transceivers, and “little electronic brains” that observe and respond to local phenomena. His outdoor works are a comment on bio-diversity, extinction, and fragility.


  • Buffer Zone

    21st May 2019  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    programme/artist information


    Carrie Skinner & Scott Caruth – Ambient Nights (6:14)
    Aidan McMahon – I/ A Recording (5:37)
    Zoë Irvine -The Last Afternoon in Antwerp(4:22)
    Cárthach Ó Nuanáin – Cúige (Province) (6:52)

    Carrie Skinner & Scott Caruth – Ambient Nights

    We first worked together in 2016 on a performance event ‘Time Isn’t Holding Up, Time Isn’t After Us’ exploring alternative approaches to liveness at the Old Hairdressers. This instigated between us a series of conversations about each of our relationships with pop music, it’s iconography and the contexts of its performance and production.

    These conversations continued following our individual relocations to Berlin and have gained further resonance in this new context. Living in another city has shaped each of us in different yet emotionally overlapping ways. It has imposed a renegotiation within our selves and between us, over issues such as intimacy, memory, history and independence. We have become aware of one another’s tendencies to think through these issues through the biographies of musicians who have played pivotal and historical roles in shaping the city’s cultural identity.

    For Radiophrenia, we will develop together a pre-recorded work that uses the structure of a one-day walking tour to visit and explore various sites directly involved with the music mythology of Berlin. We will explore different ways of interacting with and recording these spaces and sites that have been physically utilised in the performance, production and broadcast of music; such as Hansa Studio, Teufelsberg, Funkhaus Nalepastraße, Paris Bar and Radrennbahn Stadium.

    We will also explore the specific medium and uses of radio within this city, for example the encouragement to remove or turn away aerials pointing at the west during the cold war and later, the transmission of coded nightlife tips for illegal underground parties during the emergence of Techno. Our conversations, interviews, observations and field recordings on this walking tour will be the raw material as we then look at some of the principles within studio
    postproduction to explore ways of generating a narrative for the context of a radio broadcast.

    Scott Caruth (b.1990, Glasgow) lives and works between Glasgow and Berlin. Recent
    and upcoming things include : ‘Disco! An Interdisciplinary Conference’ 2018 , CCA
    Creative Lab Residency w/ Total Leatherette 2018, ‘Cazzate Su Cazzate’ at House For
    An Art Lover, Glasgow International 2018 and Intonal Festival Malmo Artist
    Residency with Total Leatherette. He is a founding member and one half of Total
    Leatherette (Domestic Exile / Milk Records) and is a current participant in Syllabus

    Carrie Skinner (b.1987, Birmingham, UK) lives and works between Glasgow and
    Berlin. Recent and upcoming things include: solo project, CCA Glasgow, 2019;
    ‘Cadaver Police In Quest Of Aquatraz Exit’ by Alan McKendrick, National Theatre of
    Scotland, 2019; ‘on the waves of the air, there’s dancing out there’ Glasgow
    International Festival, 2018; ‘woah oh oh oh, on the radio -adio –adio’, Radiophrenia,
    Glasgow, 2017; ‘there’s something happening somewhere’ Poetry Club, Good Press,
    Tron Theatre and Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK 2016.

    Aidan McMahon – I/ A Recording

    When a friend said, “recording is just another kind of experience, it isn’t less,” I began to wonder if I agreed. I applied the question to a relationship and in the process exercised a year of sound recordings.

    I am a Halifax based audio artist working in documentary, fiction and experiments.

    Zoë Irvine – The Last Afternoon in Antwerp

    The Last Afternoon in Antwerp (5:20) is a audio piece that was created for the RSA annual show ‘Between Late and Early’ 2013. It features short extracts from a found tape correspondence and improvised music from a live session in Almaty, Kazakhstan by Sacha Chikmakov (guitar), Zoë Irvine (computer) and Denis Kolokol (Electronics).

    Zoë’s new commission Full Doric Mode can be heard at noon and 6pm on Wednesday 21st May.
    Cárthach Ó Nuanáin – Cúige (Province)

    Cárthach Ó Nuanáin – Cúige (Province) (6:52)
    The name of the piece refers to the four provinces (cúigí) of Ireland. Native folk music of Ireland, much like its dialectical language, has distinct territorial styles, that not only informs the ornamentation and instrumental technique of its practitioners but also the repertoire. Over the course of time, the exact boundaries of stylistic distinctions between the regions becomes blurred through musical interaction and cross pollination.

    Using samples of instrumental music, Irish language radio broadcasts and environmental field recordings from key regions, this real world weaving of sound and music is mimicked in a computer composition through digital synthesis and processing.

    Cárthach Ó Nuanáin is an Irish artist, researcher and educator mostly working within electroacoustic music, computer music and the sonic arts. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Music from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona where he developed prize-winning methods for computer composition and digital synthesis

    He has presented his work at festivals and events internationally, including the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF), Darklight Film Festival, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Sound and Music Computing Conference, Audio Mostly, Sónar International Festival of Advanced Music, Music Tech Fest. Sonic Environments / Australasian Computer Music Conference, Radiophrenia Festival, International Symposium for Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research.


  • Oliver Pitt - Line Clean 9-6

    21st May 2019  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Line Clean 9 – 6 is composed around a series of abstract, rhythmic recordings made on shift at work (in the cellar of a pub), household objects (bins, bikes and cookers) and snippets of found sound recorded on a phone. Using a process of layering and splicing plus augmenting with ‘traditional’ instruments, he aims to draw out the beauty and musicality in everyday sound exploiting the harmonic and structural qualities inherent in everything we hear. The resulting collage combines, water pumps, beer kegs, bin lids, sound checks, bouzouki, clarinet, MS20, cowbells, choral polyphony, pipes and whistles.

    Oliver Pitt is a musician based in Glasgow. He plays in various groups and bands and runs the label Akashic Records.

    Commissioned by Radiophrenia with the support of Creative Scotland, The Jerwood Foundation and Resonance Xtra.


  • Shorts O15

    21st May 2019  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Raquel Stolf – 100 stacked silences
    2. Anna Wolfe Pauly – heart
    3. Lukas Anthierens and Flor Verdegem – Komende #3
    4. Alexis Weaver – 3 Miniatures for Non-Ideal Listening Situations No. 3
    5. Katie Currie & James Currie – the lunar effect

    1. Raquel Stolf – 100 stacked silences

    A sonorous proposition that stacks silences ofthe sea floor, recorded around an island, from piers, strips of sand, shores, stones, including grounded areas.It’s the last track of the publication Mar paradoxo (2013-2016), composed of printed material and 2 audio CDs, with soundscapes of sea floor around the island of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Mar paradoxo compiles “coasta lsilences” of100 seabed stretches, with the depth of up to 14 meters, accompanied by indications of typologies, listening notes-drawings and other materials. The construction of the publication involves investigations about silence as an incessant rumor and into fictional typologies of seabed.

    Artist and professor in the Department of Visual Arts and in Post-Graduation Program of Visual Arts, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil. Doctor (2011) and Master (2002) in Visual Arts at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Recent exhibitions include: LostandFound: Imagining new worlds (Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, 2019), biblioteca: floresta (Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, 2018), IN-SONORA 10 ­ Muestra Internacional de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo (La Casa Encendida, Madri, Spain, 2018). She has been researching intersections among concepts of silence, writing processes and listening situations in the production of propositions which can be unfolded in installations, actions, interventions, videos, photos, texts and drawings.

    2. Anna Wolfe Pauly – heart

    Anna Wolfe-Pauly, or ANNA, is a multidisciplinary artist from California. WARM ANNA is both experiences and exercises focused on expanding the listening register. With a super slo-mo sensibility, Anna leads workshops and gatherings internationally that focus on deep listening, time-based aural practices, and exploratory group sound. The core of the sonic program here is a series of exercises, Warm Ups, that display Anna’s attention to voice, to language, to listening. Unyolked from a discrete musical practice, this humble voice music is not demanding, but it commands time to unfold. Traces of phrases buckle and echo and stretch and yawn into and out of one another. The “Extreme Slow Song(s)” are experiences from a group Anna coordinated that would gather and then sing a song as slowly as possible. Their footsteps flex boards in space, and add to the expansive listening habitat.

    3. Lukas Anthierens and Flor Verdegem – Komende #3

    ‘Komende: Het Jaar Zonder Uitslapen’ (eng: ‘Upcoming: The Year Without Sleeping Late), is #3 in the podcast series. We live in a world where your whole life is automated, but your whole routine is programmed to give you ultimate satisfaction. This structured world is guided by a voice who tells you what to do and not to, and sounds structured and modulated.

    ‘Komende’ (eng: ‘Upcoming’) is a podcast by Lukas Anthierens and Flor Verdegem. It was founded in the beginning of 2018, with the idea to create future worlds. With our strenghts, being word and sound, we try to invent a future every episode again. We combine spoken word and generated/recorded sounds to construct a narrative in these futures, where a listener can relate to but also can reflect on in its own way. We leave a certain freedom to the listener to fill in own thoughts. It’s a complete new challenge every episode again, for us and for our public.

    4. Alexis Weaver – 3 Miniatures for Non-Ideal Listening Situations No. 3

    These three short, sharp pieces aim to maximise listener immersion in loud, busy, well-lit, obnoxious places; that is, non-ideal listening situations for this sort of music. Miniature 1, in particular, was composed to demonstrate extremes of stereo panning. The sound objects are often edged with high frequency content, and very immediate in the foreground – both qualities which allow the material to be better heard. With a more meditative feel, Miniature 2 features many instances of emergence and disappearance. Miniature 3 is the only movement to feature traditional musical instruments: piano and voice. Both are distorted, warped, to give this final movement a jumpy and dream-like quality.

    Alexis Weaver is an electroacoustic composer based in Sydney, Australia. While her principal interest lies in composing fixed-media acousmatic music, she has also composed soundtracks for animations, short stories, radio, dance and theatre, and exhibited audio-visual installations.

    5. Katie Currie & James Currie – the lunar effect

    ‘The Lunar Effect’ is a collaborative artwork comprising sourced and original audio that relates to humanity’s connection to our moon. Some of the sounds that can be heard in this work include audio translations of images of a full moon and the impression of one of the first footprints made by mankind on its surface, a moon ‘song’ (recorded while astronauts flew around the far side of the moon) along with sections of Apollo 11 audio files from the Nasa Archive. A poem written by James Currie which has been translated into Morse code plays throughout, with selected verses spoken aloud which can be heard intermittently.


  • Koenraad Ecker - Tantalum River

    21st May 2019  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    “Tantalum River” is a 90-min acousmatic surreal-political tale of some sorts. It is freely inspired by Joseph Conrad’s controversial 19th century novel “Heart of Darkness”, Herzog’s “Aguirre”, David Van Reybrouck’s “Congo : a History” and various accounts by whistleblowers from within the mining-industry’s community. The radio-play attempts to revise “Heart of Darkness” to the contemporary context of high frequency trading, the murky world of global resource extraction and neo-colonialist capitalist expansion, by showing various perspectives. In the play, the human relationship with the earth’s resources gradually shifts from a one-directional extraction-form to a strange new metabolism.
    Koenraad Ecker works as an artist in the fields of electro-acoustic music, sound design, field recording, performance and text. In his work, he explores the tension between closeness & alienation and the dialectical relationship between sounds, the body, the (acoustic) environment and the social relations contained within these environments. He aims for his sound-works to be closer to “acoustic ecologies”, sound-environments in which to live, rather than linear music-compositions. Over the years, he’s had the chance to present his work in venues ranging from freezing squats to plush opera houses in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


  • Adam Kinsey - St Vitus Dance

    21st May 2019  8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    St Vitus Dance is an improvised radio work recorded in a single take utilising material developed in the early part of 2019. The work is formed from text, vocals and modular synth.

    The inspiration for the text in the work was developed following a period of research looking at accounts of illness in literature and historical writing. This led to descriptions of a ‘mass hysteria’ or ‘psychic folk’ disease in the German middle ages referred to as St Vitus Dance.

    Adam Kinsey is an artist who’s practice focuses on improvisation utilising electronics and processed sound. Whilst ideas are cultivated the final production is often a document of a single event, leaving the finished product riddled with it’s inherent imperfections. Utilising compositional methods where elements interrelate in a variety of ways introduces complexity, unexpected results or induces patterns of familiar behaviour. Working with ideas of memory, lived experience and our emotional responses to stimulus his work often has an underlying fragility and fractured state. Adam also runs Desire Lines an event that promotes Sound Art and Improvised Sound.


  • Peter Swaffer - radiodoglemon

    21st May 2019  9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Radiodoglemon is an ofci©production affiliated to the Baar Art Institute of Virtual Research into Performance Art, a non-site specific research centre (digital or otherwise) founded in 2000. The programme presents a series of recordings from the radiodoglemon collection including – ‘radio poland’, ‘radio helsinki’, ’67 sheep’, ‘dear john’ and ‘radiodoglemon’. The works combine voice, loops, reversals, reel-to-reel recording, narrative improvisation and found sound layering (FSL) for the medium of radio. These pieces have been chosen to mediate and explore the audio-mnemonic relationship between the spoken word, sound and music.

    I’ve worked in the field of circus, theatre and performance art as composer, dramaturge and lyricist. The work spans 30 years moving liberally between the field of circus and physical theatre, dance, cinematic and poetry performance, electro-acoustic research and radio performance art (RPA). In the 90’s, while in Sweden, a small group of us formed SCAGA (Scandinavian Centre for Avant Garde Absurdism) performing at ‘The Kitchen Club’, Malmø. In 2000/01 I worked in collaboration with Film Centrum Syd and The Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics (Lund) on two short art films exploring the interrelationship between space/time experience and historic mnemonics. These were premiered at Malmø Konsthall. ofci©productions was formed as a platform to explore trace memory projection in (TMP) space/time imaginatives (S/TI).

    • List of Recordings
    1. radiodoglemon
    2. the moon V
    3. undervoices
    4. the whispering
    5. Ida & Sabiah
    6. we had an idea
    7. I get wound up in this jumper
    8. after
    9. thunder over Montréal
    10. prayer of poor Jesus
    11. elevator music I
    12. song of language
    13. who calls us KII
    14. denetsil tnevah
    15. machine comes to rest
    16. my bag your bag
    17. this forest wherein I walk
    18. walking through the patterns – No. 1
    19. unicorn music
    20. whistle, thunder and horses
    21. where are you going?
    22. dear john – movement 3.0
    23. you don’t sing well
    24. in the night kitchen
    25. closure – you’ve been listening to…
    26. dear john – movement 2.0
    27. hard day (reversal)


  • radioart106 #118 #poemontrial Mixtape for Dareen

    21st May 2019  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This is a selection of seven shows from radioart106 compiled for radiophrenia 2019. Produced and presented by Meira Asher, radioart106 broadcast details:
    WGXC 90.7fm – 1st Saturday 11am ET (-5 UTC)
    USMARADIO – 1st Tuesday 7pm CEST

    Radioart106 is part of the network.

    Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was convicted by an Israeli court in Nazareth of “incitement to violence” for a poem she wrote. She spent a total of THREE years under house arrest and in prison, between October 2015 and September 2018. On December 25th, 2018 she stood before the court once again, appealing against her verdict.
    A group of artists and activists issued a call inviting musicians to contribute to a digital compilation album in protest at Dareen’s conviction, called Poem On Trial. This album, in tandem with a radio broadcast with Dareen, was released on November 11, 2018.

    The project aims to undermine and expose the true basis of her conviction by repeating and distributing her ‘illegal’ poem via the medium of music and art.

    #poemontrial team: Meira Asher, Antye Greie, Liam Evans, Yoav Haifawi, Smadar Yaaron and Dganit Elyakim.

    Produced by Meira Asher and Antye Greie for Radioart106.

    Playlist (from the album #poemontrial):
    Isabel Nogueira – Resist them
    Anne-Line Drocourt – écrivez moi en prose dans le bois d’agar
    Monika Pich – For Ali
    Isa Stragliati – R E S I S T S I S T E R
    Ismael Gherzoul – DAREEN
    Dror Feiler – Resist my people resist
    Dalila Tehami – قاوِمْهُمْ يا شَعْبي
    Selma Zghidi – اوِمْهُمْ يا شَعْبي
    Tavishi – You are not alone
    FeralMind feat. Claudia Wegener – Resist
    Dixie Treichel – Resist them
    Osea Merdis feat. Samira Deeb – poem on trial
    AGF – RES-IST-for Dareen
    Meira Asher feat. Young Thunder – Response to my Remains
    Valerie Vivancos feat. Bernard Clarke & Dinah Bird – Restless till Kairos
    SpecImEn – Résiste mon Peuple
    Jupitter-Larsen – Resist
    Smadar Yaaron – In my (not) Quds
    MARUDA feat. Mounia R. – resist
    Gugie-Wahabistas – Soloterra
    David Oppenheim – Alex reads a poem

    Vagné – resist-my-people


  • Tony Morris - A Disembodied Presence live in the studio

    21st May 2019  11:00 pm - 22nd May 2019  12:00 am

    programme/artist information

    In the days before 24 hour television, lonely people or even people who were only sometimes lonely, would, when the rest of the world had closed down and gone to sleep, listen to the radio for companionship.

    The knowledge that that the end of the dial there was another person also awake; someone that could be heard breathing and intoning and expressing their thoughts (and feelings) partially filled the emptiness in the listener’s life.

    I would like to distill that phenomenon into its essence, namely, the sounds of a real human being alive in the studio.

    So, for one hour, I am offering myself up as that real human being who would sit in front of a live microphone in the Radiophrenia studio and make sounds that would suggest to the listener that they are not the only one awake.

    Obviously, anybody could sit in the Radiophrenia studio chair and do this; I’m volunteering to be that person.

    I’ll make no effort to be entertaining in the conventional sense of having anecdotes or pithy observations on offer.

    I might speak, I might make exasperated noises, I might play my iPod through a speaker sitting on the desk in front of me, I might sip a coffee. Papers might be rustled. I might just breathe and occasionally affirm that I am still there.

    This is the listener as ‘eavesdropper’; rather like the young child who cannot get to sleep and enjoys the comfort of adult voices drifting up the stair.

    But, at one point I intend to turn the tables on the listener and objectify him or her. This will be done in a kindly manner so no psychological damage will be done.

    I will not break wind.