May 18th

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18th May 2019
  • Isabelle Stragliati/DJ Sprinkles – Sloppy 42nds (IS Orlando Tribute Version)

    18th May 2019  12:00 am - 1:20 am

    programme/artist information

    Sloppy 42nds is A Tribute to the 42nd Street Transsexual Clubs Destroyed by Walt
    Disney’s Buyout of Times Square.

    On Isabelle Stragliati’s Orlando Tribute Version, Sloppy 42nds is stretched 12.0616 times


  • Craig Dongoski Tibetan Bell Experiment 2

    18th May 2019  1:20 am - 2:00 am

    programme/artist information

    First experiment using my newly acquired Tibetan Ritual Bell(s) with intent to use in upcoming performance. also employed Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter, Cocoquantus, WMD Sequential Switch Matrix, Snazzy FX Telephone Game, MI CLOUDS and MORE. This dang bell was calling for me! I kept hearing it in things even though I hadn’t had it in my possession (yet).


  • Lori Beckstead & Vincent Piette - Intake

    18th May 2019  2:00 am - 3:00 am

    programme/artist information

    Intake explores a typical day’s radio broadcast by focusing on the “spaces in between”. It subverts the usual listening experience by deleting what is considered the important output of radio – what is being said — and leaving only the sounds between the words. The listener is freed from semantic listening to discover the rhythms, textures, and emotions of those liminal spaces.

    Lori Beckstead is a professor of sound media at the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. With a background in community and public radio, her creative practice centres around soundscape recordings and interactive sound installations that explore themes of location/dislocation, voice, and diversity. She is also the host and producer of the popular sewing podcast Clothes Making Mavens.

    Vincent Piette is an audio engineer, television broadcast technician, and academic. He is currently enrolled at the University of Victoria in their Master of Public Administration program and hopes to go into government communications upon graduating in 2020.


  • Barry Burns - 23 Minutes To Go: Commence Exuding The Opaque Vapour

    18th May 2019  3:00 am - 7:00 am

    programme/artist information

    For the last five years I have taken a sample from every video I watch on my laptop. As a tip of the hat to William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson I take the sample from the 23rd minute. Each sample is arranged and layered chronologically, constructing an aleatory narrative, a random DJ mix of dialogue, music and foley, a self portrait of viewing habits and memory. VHS rips merge with Blu Ray restorations, youtube binges mingle with abandoned box sets.

    Barry Burns is not the bloke out of Mogwai, its a different, unsuccessful one. He is the co-manager of Radiophrenia and has used his immense power to give himself the highly coveted 5am slot.


  • Roy Claire Potter & Kieron Piercy - Eyes Rifle

    18th May 2019  7:00 am - 7:30 am

    programme/artist information

    Roy Claire Potter and Kieron Piercy take up the subject of colourblindness in Eyes Rifle. Originally produced as a three-minute response to an archived conversation on that subject from the Anthony Burgess Foundation, this new extended version similarly remembers eyes tests, but suggests something much darker in the speaker’s omissions or repetitions of information. Potter and Piercy have focused on the archival recording’s environmental indicators, its sonic interference, and on inferences in the archived conversation to inform the recording and synthesis of an audio environment that provides a subtext for the monologue, while drawing out and guiding its delivery.

    Roy Claire Potter is an artist writer from Merseyside working across performance, publishing, installation and film. They have published two books of experimental fiction and are working on a third. Audio on Chocolate Monk, and FortEvilFruit with Bridget Hayden. Kieron Piercy makes audio composition, improvisation and installation. Piercy has performed widely in the UK and Europe, as a solo artist, and founding member of duo, Spoils and Relics distributed by Chocolate Monk, Harbinger Sound, and Porta.


  • Gabi Schaffner - The Dog That Licked Up A Star (Hengchun Dog)

    18th May 2019  7:30 am - 8:00 am

    programme/artist information

    “Hengchun Dog” is a radiophonic study in deceleration. The composition features (among others) a singing dog from the town Hengchun, in the South of Taiwan. While I sat in the patio listening to his voice, a cloud passed. The other afternoon I sat under a tree next to the lake of Luan and recorded short wave radio in the rain. The dog and I also went up to Maokong mountain in a gondola and shared a dish of Stinky Tofu. On the way down we noticed something glittering in the mud. It was a tiny star.

    Gabi Schaffner works as an interdisciplinary artist and curator.In her artistic practice, she merges ethnography with poetics and the arts of transmission. She also she cofounded “Datscha Radio”, a temporary garden radio station that connects the spheres of radio art, gardening and ecology. She is active as a sound artist, writer, translator and poet.Since 2005 Schaffner has realised productions with Deutschlandfunk, HR2 Kultur, and ABC Australia. Gabi Schaffner lives in Berlin.
    Recent projects:Pandemic Muisc: Un Fazzoletto per un Eternità, Ars Acustica Group, 2017/18; “Work Space Anagram Scapes, Deutschlandfunk, 2018; Datscha Radio Taiwan, 2019,


  • Shorts 20

    18th May 2019  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    programme/artist information

    1. gobscure – we have taken scissors to as few folks ties
    2. Mark Hume & Bruce McClure – And Pulman’s Daughter
    3. Feronia Wennborg – A small pause to unfold
    4. Cristabel Christo – Frequency Crawler
    5. Canaan Balsam – Where they make a desert, they call it peace
    6. Xuxa Rettie – The First Daily Ritual
    7. Matteo Polato – Fjoturlundr
    8. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-66
    9. Barry Burns – A Mass Of Data Waiting For The Correct Interpretation

    1. gobscure – we have taken scissors to as few folks ties

    sound-art all over including for radiophrenia & partners; b#side – international anti-war artists exhibition italy; carlisle arts festival; stockton contemporary; arts access australia. most recently have taken scissors to a few folks ties was commissioned by alma zevi venice as part of our solo exhibition there, 2018 c.e.

    2. Mark Hume & Bruce McClure – And Pulman’s Daughter

    George Albaster is a concept. He is a 1980s teen avant-garde turned mainstream horror movie star from Fenwick, Ayr. George catapulted into the mainstream after appearing in the 80s/90s hit trilogy “Atheist Cop”, famous for its controversy surrounding holy war. Excessive drug use and failed rehabilitation attempts ensued. Before he knew it he was watching Marlon Brando’s daughter throw herself from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Following a 4 year disappearance, he returned to write and direct the acclaimed Netflix TV series “People of the Canyons”, now in its seventh season. The interview that Radiophrenia aired last year contained George’s confession of “The Lost Years” – a self inflicted hiatus spent away from the media limelight, during which George fell within himself, tackling his own demons whilst recording his thoughts. These are some of those recordings, against a backdrop of the droning noise George’s own mind reverberates in an infinite-delay feedback loop.

    George Alabaster was imagined by long standing friends Bruce McClure (District Nurse, Seed Records) and Mark Hume (Autocrat, Mark Zoom). The chain of thought prose was recorded in early 2019 near Joshua Tree, California where Bruce spent time with Bill Pulman’s daughter. The remainder of George’s thoughts will be contained in a free cassette, sellotaped to the comic book series of Atheist Cop (created by independent artist Doktor Geraldo (Comixcentral)).

    3. Feronia Wennborg – A small pause to unfold

    Staying with breathing, things in and around mingle.

    Feronia Wennborg is an artist and musician living and working in Glasgow. Her works have recently taken the shapes of installation, performance, text, video and tape. She often works collaboratively, and released the album Wet Courage with ECCO on GLARC 2018. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Blomma’ the Pipe Factory Glasgow (2018); ‘Exposition Collective’ Visarte.Vaud Lausanne (2018); ‘Which they draw into their mouth’ Crownpoint Glasgow (2018); ‘Beach Show’ Barassie Beach (2018); and ‘Function’ Mount Florida Gallery Glasgow (2017)

    4. Cristabel Christo – Frequency Crawler

    It depicts a phantom (Frequency Crawler) who inhabits the airwaves and can be picked up on the radio. The music is all my own and the voice is by my friend Alan (from Glasgow). This is just one of numerous drama/music radio pieces that we have created.

    Musician working with a range of well known singers and bands.

    5. Canaan Balsam – Where they make a desert, they call it peace

    I made this track with my nieces Sofia and Tabi exploring the medium of radio via a WHO broadcast concerning a global pandemic.

    Canaan Balsam is Grant Campbell from Edinburgh.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

    6. Xuxa Rettie – The First Daily Ritual

    I am a 21-year-old Fine Art student, in my fourth year of study at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. Within my studio practice I like to explore the human experience, with a focus on themes such as mental health, relationships and communication. I find that I heavily associate emotions with specific locations. Subsequently, the sounds I create lie in the mid-ground between soundscape and spoken-word.

    A piece I created while exploring the underappreciated benefits of certain daily rituals, such as having a cup of tea or taking a bath. Many people in Western society are currently in pursuit of self-love and my individual understanding of self-love is allowing yourself to enjoy brief moments of simple pleasure. As the wise Sir Billy Connolly once said, “Tea is the best substance in the world. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel jolly. Tea is the substance.”

    7. Matteo Polato – Fjoturlundr

    Fjöturlundr is inspired by a short poem of pagan origin, dating from the Germanic high Middle Ages, usually called “First Incantation of Merseburg”. The piece stands in a liminal position between an electronic composition and a radiodrama: through a narrative form, in which the representation is manifested in the sound itself, it depicts the mythical narrative expressed by the text and the pagan rituals associated with it. This is done by using voice elaborations of
    the recited verses as the only materials, exploring the mimetic and imaginative possibilities of vocal sound, its ability to represent other from itself, like natural sounds, atmospheric sounds, bird calls, strange animal roars, imaginary soundscapes.

    Matteo Polato was born in Padova (Italy). His works has been presented and performed at XXI CIM Cagliari, Diffrazioni Festival, SaMPL living lab Padova, Impuls festival Graz, NYCEMF,
    Helicotrema,VERV, Re-Sound Padova, Galleria Nazionale Roma, European Cultural Centre Venice, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Storung festival Barcelona, Liverpool international festival of Psychedelia, Vortex club London, Tokyo Metropolitan theatre, and broadcasted in radios such as BBC 6, RAI 3, Resonance FM, radio Corax. As Yami Kurae ,with Jacopo Bortolussi, he scored movies such as “Nigorie” (Oku Shutaru, 2018) and “Our Escape” (Nobuteru Uchida, 2017). He plays with Mamuthones and Slumberwood (Boring Machines,
    Rocket Recordings), reviewed by Simon Reynolds, The Wire, The Quietus, London Times and others.

    8. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-66

    We are Archivosonoro (Soundarchive) from Chiapas, Mexico. The team are Gabriela Guadalupe Barrios García and Carlos Emilio Ruiz Llaven. Las latas de Don Renato (Don Renato’s Thin Cans), is about short stories (1 minute long) tell told only with sounds, no talk, no spoken word in any language. Don Renato (fictional character) is an old man who likes to collect sounds and keep in cans… so share with us your collection with many many cans.

    9. Barry Burns – A Mass Of Data Waiting For The Correct Interpretation

    Composed from sounds found on a reel to reel tape which, judging by a business card found within the box, previously belonged to BBC Shropshire’s agricultural correspondent.

    Biography: Barry Burns is not BBC Shropshire’s agricultural correspondent. Yet.


  • Kunstradio 5: Jérôme Noetinger - From Rives (France) to Vienna (Austria) by car, 31st October 2018

    18th May 2019  9:00 am - 10:00 am

    programme/artist information

    By Jérôme Noetinger with the assistance of Liz Rácz. With Angelica Castello, Bani Khoshnoudi, Christof Kurzmann, Liz Rácz, Burkhard Stangl.

    1146 km
    12 hours minimum travelling time
    3 borders
    196 kg CO2
    2 traveler, but only one driver.

    A radiophonic creation realized in the duration and on the route between Rives and Vienna: an interrogation of the weight of time on a sound event, transforming the car into a mini-studio.

    How can the impact on nature of this act be reconciled, for example, with the famous carbon footprint?

    How to transform such an expenditure of energy into an artistic act?

    Commissioned by Kunstradio for Ö1 , Austria.


  • Clare Quilty - Sworn to Submerge, Episode 1, "The Desicrete Emergingcy ”

    18th May 2019  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    programme/artist information

    Clare Quilty is back with an archival recording of an unfinished pilot radio show that Clare presented over cocktails to Carrie Fisher in the laundry room of the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, 1990. Clare’s mistaken belief that Carrie was the controller of BBC Radio 4 led to a claustrophobic 12 day trek across the world, trailing Carrie and buying her lots of shoes. We are extremely fortunate that this work (created in the waning months of Clare’s prodigious creative output) survives today, having been rescued from a hot tub at Rudi’s Gasthof, Hamburg. Here we hear surviving fragments of the first episode of Clare’s ambitious series, Sworn to Submerge, featuring a group of genius child scientists, as they solve the profound mysteries of human existence.
    Episode 1, “The Desicrete Emergingcy”, starring Wilkie Dallas Gray, Ruaridh Ramage, Ava Lowther, Harris Gault and Alan Bennett.

    Clare Quilty is a master ceramicist and woodcarver who lives and works in the farthest corner of the Trans-Atlantic Basin. Quilty received a PhD in Trans-Molecular Rehydration from MIT Mexico City School of Economics and Cosmic Studies. Clare’s practice employs a two pronged strategy utilizing The Paranoiac Critical Method and Pre-Columbian Anarcho-Futurism.


  • Hugo Esquinca & Lukas Grundmann - Resynth for Radio

    18th May 2019  10:30 am - 11:00 am

    programme/artist information

    The era of online radio, its archived shows and “on-demand” playback, has shattered what used to be one of radio’s most defining traits: the unrepeatable, unrecoverable moment of a listener’s encounter with a sound, a thought, a note, a discussion. Increasingly, radio’s time has become imperishable. The “live” and in situ has been frozen in the stream. For Radiophrenia, Lukas Grundmann and Hugo Esquinca propose a collaborative generative composition together with Chronopolis , a special format on Cashmere Radio that seeks to explore the duration and fragile time unique to the radio listening experience. Chronopolis presents generative and algorithmic music and sound in its widest sense.

    “Double Resynth for Radio” feeds and processes the different shows aired by Radiophrenia in real time, together with evolving electronics, being programmed to run simultaneously during the whole fourteen days of the station. The composition is aired in selected slots during the fourteen days. Such periodicity has a direct effect on the structure and process of the composition itself, leading to an organization of sounds which are generated, developed, and modified from, through and for Radiophrenia.

    Lukas Grundmann is a sound artist, one of the co-organizers of Cashmere Radio and teaches for the Master’s course in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. In his art, he deals with the relationship between medium and message, signal and noise, time and sound.
    Hugo Esquinca is a Berlin-based sound researcher from Mexico. In his work he investigates the diverse spatial-temporal relations deriving from transductive interactions between indeterminacy, thresholds of instability, micro temporality, digital signal processing and sonorous modulation at various perceptual, physical and material degrees.


  • Buffer Zone

    18th May 2019  11:00 am - 11:30 am

    programme/artist information


    Lucrecia Dalt – Concentric Nothings (1:54)
    Phaune Radio – Tiny Tunes – metamorphoses: Sea turtle (6:00)
    Vile Plumage -Daphne and The Baron are Stranded at the Station: Episode 1(10:00)
    SUE ZUKI – boring af (2:33)

    Lucrecia Dalt – Concentric Nothings

    Lucrecia will perform for Radiophrenia on Sunday 19th May:

    Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian born musician, sound artist and radio producer now based in Berlin. Her records encompass the dual worlds of intelligent avant-garde and contemporary electronic music, drawing in influences from her academic background as a civil engineer as well as musics and philosophies from across the world. She has collaborated with musical kindred spirit Julia Holter and worked on podcasts for radio MACBA, Barcelona, on sound design installations and performative pieces for institutions such as Reina Sofia Museum and the Maisterravalbuena gallery of Madrid, in collaboration with visual artist Regina de Miguel.

    Phaune Radio – Tiny Tunes – metamorphoses: Sea turtle

    Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. – James Bryant Conant

    After 80 days under the sand, newly hatched young turtles dig with all their might to reach the sand surface, on the beach. From the early moments out of the earthly nest, it’s all about combining perceptions of many signals to navigate: light, reflection of the stars, sounds of the waves, floor angles. Above all, trust the magnetite, a metal compound embedded in their brain that allows them to navigate by feeling the earth magnetic field. As a matter of life & death, reaching the ocean requires daunting efforts. Every step matters. No matter how fast, one foot in front of the other…Call of the sea & staying on track, bravery in scales for a specified period.
    On this stage, everything is possible.

    Phaune Radio is an ever-expanding world of homemade sound creations. Around here, we tickle your imagination. Around here, things that cannot be possibly taken seriously can still give food for thought. Around here, that’s up to your ears. Every month, it’s also a podcast that is produced for you and the curious waves of more than a dozen radios.

    Vile Plumage -Daphne and The Baron are Stranded at the Station: Episode 1

    “Daphne and The Barron are Stranded at the Station” is the first episode of a soap. A melodrama. A voyage to the depths. The murk. Drug cults. Inter-dimensional beings. Demonic possession. The dark movements of a Parish Council. Grim business in a market town. Vile Plumage’ is a collective consisting of Duke Burnett and Peter ‘Bunny’ Cropwell , with occasional input from the ‘Burselm Community Radio Players’. Our primary focus is the ‘reality oscillation’ – there are no straight lines or static points. Strange myths and urban banality exist at precisely the same co-ordinates. The crowd. You think you recognise those faces… but most of them are doppelgangers. We live in an area called The Burselm. Every Sunday we trudge around the streets, sometimes sheltering in Bingo Hall doorways. Always with the record button pushed firmly down. Sound is transferred directly, MAGICALLY to tape. We butter these recordings with paranormal research. Strictly local. Strictly. These sounds are bashed and boiled into radio shapes. Melodrama. Soap opera. Pulp.

    A new Radiophrenia commission from Vile Plumage THE AMNESIAC EXPERIENCES THE VORTEX AS IF SHE WERE AN EEL can be heard at midday and 6pm on Sunday 19th May.

    SUE ZUKI – boring af

    SUE ZUKI is that alter ego of artist and musician Alicia Matthews who will be performing a live-to-air set as part of our outside broadcast from Platform beginning at 3pm.


  • Project Ability - Foreground Balloon w/ live introduction

    18th May 2019  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Foreground Balloon is a collaboration between Anthony Autumn, Joanna Peace and artists and writers at Project Ability. Beginning with constructing noise-making objects from the contents of the studio supply cupboards, together they improvised ways to play and record the objects through movement. A second group responded to these recordings of abstract sounds through deep listening and creative writing, giving voice to the results individually and collectively. When layered together in Foreground Balloon, sonic and textual languages are stretched and cut and repeated in a celebration of both the lyrical and the incoherent.

    Noisemakers and Poets: Adnan Mohammed, Christopher Newman, Frank Mullen, Grace MacArthur, Jaqui Smyth and Roddy Woods; Alan Moore, Alan Straiton, DevaOne, Esme MacLeod, Jane Fisher, Jim Graham, Morag MacGilchrist and Stuart Low.

    Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation creating opportunities for people with disabilities and people with lived experience of mental ill-health, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve their artistic potential.

    Joanna Peace and Anthony Autumn have worked together since 2016. With backgrounds in visual arts, poetry and interdisciplinary writing, they came together around a shared commitment to supporting experimental and collaborative writing with inclusive pedagogies. To date they have developed participatory projects with Project Ability, Platform, Radiophrenia, Terra Incognita and Castlemilk Senior Centre.


  • 'The Insider's Outsider Audio Zine Volume 1' - curated by b p r greenland

    18th May 2019  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    audio zine volume 1 is a journey through ideas. Ideas from the brain of the curator, turned in to sound and transmitted from one brain to another in order that those ideas may spread through the beauty of binary.

    b p r greenland makes a noise and scribbles things down regularly. There might be some more at where you can find a full track list of ‘the Insider’s Outsider’s audio zine volume 1’


  • Shorts 6

    18th May 2019  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Lin Li – Breaths of the Earth
    2. Jeff Kolar – Music for Phone Booths – Free dial
    3. Mines – Centerfuga
    4. Jordan McDermott – rf wn; FM Radio Transmitter TEST1 [Seg]
    5. Gary Wilkinson – FIXED ODDS BETTING TERMINALS//Piano Sonata
    7. Martian Hello – Krizp

    1. Lin Li – Breaths of the Earth

    Voices of prayer through the breaths, sighs and howls of the Earth.
    (Made with a mixture of original recording and found sounds in the public domain.)

    Based in Scotland, Lin Li uses sound and moving image in her creative practice. She is particularly interested in the voice as a medium. More information about her work can be found on

    2. Jeff Kolar – Music for Phone Booths – Free dial

    Music for Phone Booths is a multi-channel audio installation and recorded album intended to defuse the hectic atmosphere of Chicago’s City Hall and County Building. For this site-responsive work, Kolar composed original music for playback inside five vintage abandoned phone booths located underground in the Chicago Pedway. The compositions feature an 1863 S.D. & H.W. Smith pump organ and electronics. The project investigates the style, function, and format of Background Music – music created to be passively listened to. Music for Phone Booths is intended to induce calm and serve as a comfort station for daily commuters. Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By Jeff Kolar in Chicago, Illinois, United States Commissioned By: Chicago Loop Alliance, Space p11, The City of Chicago Special thanks to Chris Cunningham at Loupe LLC.

    Jeff Kolar (b. Chicago, Illinois, US) is an independent sound artist, radio producer, and curator working in Chicago, United States. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform established in 2009. His work, described as “speaker-shredding” (Half Letter Press), “wonderfully strange” (John Corbett), and “characteristically curious” (Marc Weidenbaum), activates sound in unconventional, temporary, and ephemeral ways using appropriation and remix as a critical practice. His solo and collaborative projects, installations, and public performances often investigate the mundane sonic nuances of everyday electronic devices. He has performed and exhibited widely across the United States, and at international venues and festivals such as the New Museum (New York, US), Museum of Arts and Design (New York, US), Moogfest (Durham, North Carolina, US), The Kitchen (New York, US), CTM Festival for Adventurous Music (Berlin, Germany), Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, US), Kino Šiška (Ljubljana, Slovenia), ORF RadioKulturhaus (Vienna, Austria), Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival (Halle, Germany), Megapolis Audio Festival (New York, USA), LAK Festival of Nordic Sound Art (København, Denmark), among others. His work has been reviewed and discussed in international print publications and online platforms such as The New York Times, The Wire Magazine, Red Bull Music Academy and Architect Magazine, and in an array of art, design and music publications including VICE, Art Slant, designboom, and

    3. Mines – Centerfuga

    Recorded live. Mines are: Ilan Volkov Yael Barolsky Ram Gabay

    4. Jordan McDermott – rf wn: FM Radio Transmitter TEST1 [Seg]

    Early test recordings using personal FM radio transmitters to broadcast multiple stems and sound sources to a radio at similar frequencies. Sound sources included original productions, vinyl records, field recordings, electromagnetic fluctuations and lectures from YouTube.
    Devices used for broadcasting are a mobile phone, laptop, DJ mixer and portable microphone – each sending a different sound source to a similar FM frequency. Each piece is composed by me waving the antenna of the receiving radio and moving the devices to find sweet spots of the sound sources coming together.

    Student of Digital Music and Sound Art at Brighton University. Producer, DJ, Artist, currently exploring unconventional approaches to composition and club culture.

    5. Gary Wilkinson – FIXED ODDS BETTING TERMINALS//Piano Sonata

    Following on from Alcohol Fuelled Violence//Symphony which was broadcast as part of Radiophrenia 2017 Gary Wilkinson has created 3 new pieces of work using cut-ups of public domain classical music. Each new represents a significant challenge to the capabilities of this cut-up classical technique and also classical music norms.

    FIXED ODDS BETTING TERMINALS//Piano Sonata – using only piano tests the limits of the composition technique while also reflecting the single player nature of FOBT’s which have been described as the crack cocaine of gambling.


    “I grasped a branch and colours flooded the space before me.
    Visions untold.”

    “Digging beneath the earth, my fingers encircled a mechanism.
    A device that unlocked the sounds”

    “A voice – out of phase. Fluttering, repeating in decaying circles.”

    C R O M L E C H S H A D O W
    A collaboration between A Jarvis (Burselm Crypt) and Chandor Glöomy (xMxAxMxFxCxOxTxFxSxCxOxAxExSx) on concrete sounds manipulated by tape, abrupt juxtapositions and vocal loops to entrance.

    COMA †‡† KULTUR is a label name but could also describe the net-induced state we find ourselves in when spending too much time gazing at this screen. In the process of seeking out good music it’s easy to become consumed by the zombie death brain rays that are a by-product of this thing. Even supposedly pleasurable pursuits such as listening to music can turn our minds to mush as we first walk, then stumble before free-falling into the black hole.


    7. Martian Hello – Krizp

    Inflammatory Haircut is a bizarre, evolving world of an album by Martian Hello. Mutated electronic soundscapes are populated with manic, hallucinatory instrumentals that constantly shift and play against the sturdier backdrops. Most sounds are analog before being digitally manipulated. Conceived as a literally endless album, Inflammatory Haircut will technically never be finished and will only ever grow and mutate at random intervals in the coming years. Inflammatory Haircut is a growing world populated by truly alien forms. Martian Hello are horridus oplopanax and Zachary Zena Giberson, and are in Oregon and Texas, respectfully. They collaborate over the internet and have fun making weird, impossible music together. Both horridus and Zachary make solo music, horridus’ devilsclub project can be found at and Zachary’s lives at They haven’t met yet in real life, but it’d probably be very cool when they finally do.


  • Doriane Souilhol and Douglas Morland - Knot I

    18th May 2019  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Artists Doriane Souilhol (Marseille) and Douglas Morland (Glasgow) continue their ongoing long-distance collaboration with Knot I, a soundwork using text from Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing’s seminal 1970 book of poetry Knots, to explore their own concerns around language, mis-translation, desire, technology and sound. Taking as their starting point a low-res recording of their recent Skype-based performance in front of a Marseille audience (which utilised Google Translate, obsolete recording technologies and two dog-eared copies of Laing’s peculiar work) Souilhol and Morland bounce spoken fragments of Laing’s text across technological, cultural and temporal boundaries, looping, twisting and tangling as they go. “They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game”.


  • Haider Al-Shybani - Above the Palms

    18th May 2019  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    As mundane notions of time are perpetuated in our postmodern world; perhaps it is through memories that we can shift our understanding of how experiences are sounded, silenced and transmitted. This piece is part of a larger project currently underway and based on findings from oral histories, archived audio/video and the artist’s personal interpretations of the ideas; a project in development with the CCA creative lab.

    As a 2nd generation Iraqi-Scot who has never lived in Iraq, the artist’s investigations look at the way individual and collective memories of the Tigris-Euphrates region shape how the homeland is recollected, imagined, and performed by the diaspora. Using sound, Haider Al-Shybani explores the disruption, in time and place, and the socio-political pressures that shape accessibility to the experiences of older generations. Furthermore, this work hopes to incite an engagement with these processes by the various communities and wider society. ‘ Perhaps engaging ‘memory muscle’ in a practice that views time as less divided, can open space for alternative reproductions of the past and an understanding of where gaps can be found in the collective archive of memory. It is within the transmission of this chaotic and nonobjective cerebral atlas that we may glimpse previously unimagined futures’.
    Haider Al-Shybani is an artist working with sound. As part of an ongoing investigation into the ways in which we experience sound, image and text; the artist continues to re-think the relationship between these elements. His work draws on the techniques of early dub pioneer Osbourne Ruddock, the creations of Halim El-Dabh and the Iraqi maqam as sung by Farida. Greatly influenced by the writing of John Dos Passos’s, Jacques Derrida and Mark Fisher; the artist searches for other ways of putting things together or, leaving them apart.


  • Platform Day

    18th May 2019  3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    A Radiophrenia outside broadcast from Platform
    3.00pm Swimming at Platform

    3.05pm ‘Teen Radio’ (produced with young people at Platform)

    3.15pm ‘Day of the Great Tit’ – The X-Static Tics (Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis) with Eothen Stearn (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

    3.40pm ‘The Saga Of Crochet: In, Over, Off’ (produced with Clack & Yak group at Platform)

    3.55pm Swimming at Platform

    4.00pm ‘Young Drums’ (produced with young people at Platform)

    4.05pm Live interview – Winston & Winnie

    4.10pm ‘Remembering: A Conversation, A Friendship’ –Jassy Earl and Chloë Smith (from

    4.25pm ‘Yakking Away, Clacking Away’ (produced with Clack & Yak group at Platform)

    4.40pm Swimming at Platform

    4.45pm ‘A Good Sport’ (produced with young people at Platform)

    4.55pm ‘Sounds From The Freedome’ – recorded with the artists Ruby Pester and Owen Clarke

    5.00pm ‘But I can’t quite remember feeling real’ – Katie Shannon (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

    5.35pm ‘ Ruminations on Some Things’ by Alicia Matthews (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

    5.55pm ‘Disaster FM’ (produced with young people at Platform)

    6.05pm ‘d’túsmaith’ – Nic Green and Ruairi Donovan(from

    6.30pm ‘Getting Down With The Kids’(produced with young people at Platform)

    Over the past few months, Radiophrenia 87.9FM has been collaborating with several community groups at Platform. Participants have been learning about experimental radio and sound art, using professional recording equipment to produce their own brand new pieces for radio. These will be unveiled – and simultaneously shared with the world – via a special live broadcast from Platform, on Saturday 18th May from 3pm.

    You can hear some of the works presented here:

    The groups involved are:

    – Pavillion Youth Café (Easterhouse)
    – FARE Scotland (Easterhouse)
    – Bannerman High School (Baillieston)
    – Lochend Community High School (Easterhouse)
    – Cranhill Development Trust (Cranhill)
    – Clack and Yak group (Platform)

    Featuring sound artists:
    Monica Brown, Mark Cunningham, Rhiannon Walsh, Oliver Pitt, Luke Pell.

    The broadcast will also include live experimentation with the physical sounds of Platform’s building.

    In addition Radiophrenia will present 3 live-to-air performances:

    The X-Static Tics (Rotterdam) with Eothen Stearn perform a live radio play.

    Day of The Great Tit

    a radioplay by the X-Static Tics (Henk Bakker and Lukas Simonis)

    The story is set in the year 2222. Dead Henk, a living corpse brought to life from a previous century (he died in 2121) is forced to be interviewed about his attempt to stabilize the world by introducing people to art. Was it due to his efforts that there are no more wars in 2222, that everyone has made peace? There are no more conflicts. Weapon manufacturers only make space ships. part of humanity is migrating to other solar systems although that is not really necessary; the earth is clean, pollution has been banned. The curiosity about dead Henk is great because with the disappearance of traumatic and conflict situations all forms of art are wiped out. Only the music has survived this genocide on the uncomfortable; after all, you must have something to listen to.

    Visual artist Katie Shannon (So Low, Kübler-Ross) presents ‘But I can’t quite remember feeling real’ – an audio work on connections between time, abandon, bathing, kinship and music cultures.

    A time carved out via elongated adolescence.
    Time spent with friends.
    Living other’d lifestyles.
    Hacking reality through a lexicon of image, experience, sounds and time lost in music.
    Time had in the in-betweens.
    Of loving images.
    The in-betweens of parties.
    People filtering off into different rooms.
    Wasting time.
    Pausing a spectral idea of Future.

    The performance will culminate in a collaborative re-interpretation of ‘The Last Song’.

    Katie Shannon works across the mediums of drawing , print, sound and video.
    Previously she has exhibited at ZK/U Berlin, Evelyn Yard London and the Voidoid Archive Glasgow and worked on the programming committee of The Pipe Factory Glasgow 2015-18. Recently she was selected to take part in Collective Gallery Edinburgh’s ‘Satellites Programme’ 2018. In tandem with her visual art practice she co-runs projects ‘So Low’ and ‘Domestic Exile’ and works collaboratively on an on-going club residency with artist France-lise McGurn called ‘Daisies’. Playing live within a band also informs her visual work.

    A new performance by Alicia Matthews entitled Ruminations on Some Things. Matthews is a Glasgow based artist and musician. She has a background in sculpture and performance having studied both at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art and has recently completed a MSc in Sound Design at Glasgow University. Her confrontational works have been performed to audiences around the UK and internationally at galleries in Lublin (Poland), Guangzhou (China), New York and at the Venice Biennale. The erratic and often jarring output of her solo musical endeavour, SUE ZUKI, has been aptly dubbed “Rhythm and Gloom”. These experimental soundscapes and loose, scathing lyrical narratives were brought to the Tate Modern in 2017 where they were performed as part of the NTS Tate Late series. In 2018 Alicia scored, and performed in, Liquid Sky – a new piece of visual theatre exploring the interface between sonic art and aerial circus, within a laser light scenography. Alicia hosts a monthly show on London’s NTS Radio under her SUE ZUKI moniker where she curates an uncompromising mix of industrial, no wave, spoken word, techno and metal alongside samples from popular media. Other projects include bands LAPS (DFA Recs, MIC Recs) and Organs of Love (Optimo Music).


  • Long Live The New Sound

    18th May 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Long Live the New Sound (LLtNS) is a freeform, public access podcast for creative audio where anyone can contribute any kind of creative audio and add to the ever evolving feed. Enjoy this selection of works from the feed so far and contribute and listen to more at

    After It All Ends by Olivia Bradley-Skill (00:00)
    Airplane Dream by A Neon Age Midi (3:25)
    A Past Life by Olivia Ravioli (4:58)
    We are measuring the river by Sol Rezza (6:45)
    A Resurrection of Crimes Unpaid by Garrett D. Tiedemann (16:10)
    extract from: simplesoundscapes afield (spring 2018) by simplesoundscapes (16:52)
    The Homeric Epithet by The World According to Sound (22:40)
    Reverberations by Ariana Martinez (27:19)
    The Big Sports Play-by-Play by media petros (40:35)
    This is absolutely, definitely not a test. And the previous episode was too long. By vegetarian nachos (56:30)
    Mr. by Matthew Navey (56:52)
    extract from: simplesoundscapes afield (spring 2018) by simplesoundscapes (1:00:25)
    Rags by Alexander Charles Adams (1:06:00)
    Mindferk by The Shallows (1:10:24)
    The Accent Mark in Ancient Greek by The World According to Sound (1:10:37)
    Pre-Breakup Harmony by Lily Sloane (1:13:45)
    The Sea by Wyatt (1:15:05)
    good and bad and dangerous and dangerously good by information jewellery (1:22:27)
    scanning the radio by matt navey (1:22:45)
    Bellhop by The White Whale (1:25:37)
    extract from: simplesoundscapes afield (spring 2018) by simplesoundscapes (1:27:55)
    Flesh has turned itself to stone or dust by Joan Schuman(1:36:21)
    Misophonic Happenings by Carlo Patrão (1:48:53)
    Sherry’s Health Insurance Nachos by Henrici Tai (1:50:20)
    Gradient by Thom Cote (1:50:45)
    Ferk by This American Life (1:55:04)


  • Shorts F6

    18th May 2019  9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Aume – Disintegration (Part VI)
    2. Robin Bale – Invocation
    3. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-13
    4. Simon Thoumire – In conversation with Charlie

    1. Aume – Disintegration (Part VI)

    CQ CQ refers to the shortwave radio abbreviation for “calling any station”. This theme came about from a disillusionment created by the overwhelming amount of information being transmitted. That any individual voice falls on deaf ears in the midst of a maelstrom. That one is never more isolated than when everyone is talking at the same time. CQ CQ is full of vocal transmissions, most of which are indecipherable. They are failed attempts at communication. They are transmissions that lead to the disintegration of human connection and understanding.

    Immersive abstract sound and image collaboration between Scot Jenerik (Portland, OR, USA) and Aleph Omega (San Francisco, CA, USA) Scot Jenerik: Composer and multidisciplinary artist. Performed, lectured and distributed works extensively in the United States, Europe and Japan for over 30 years. Co-owner of Mobilization Records, has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, founded 23five Incorporated and co-hosted the No Other Radio Network on KPFA. Aleph Omega: Composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist. Performed and toured extensively throughout the United States, and Europe as a member of Chrome, Helios Creed, F-Space and pioneering Deathrock band, Altar De Fey. Owner/operator Unicursal Studios.

    2. Robin Bale – Invocation

    The piece begins with the sound of a poured libation splashing on pavement and an invocation to Hermes, perhaps other chthonic gods and psychopomps. It then traces an echo-haunted path through a variety of aural spaces, the dimensions of which morph in response to the mumbling, singing and chanting voices that inhabit them, accompanied by the unending rumble of traffic. The city is reconfigured as a reverberant abode of ghosts – although not those ghosts fondly evoked by companionable antiquarians and their associates in the heritage industry.

    Robin Bale is a London-based poet/performer and sound artist. He makes improvised performances utilising verbal and non-verbal vocalisation and musical equipment, including self-built instruments. He also makes recordings that experiment with aural space and noise, creatively deploying studio technology to create sonic landscapes that reflect the fragmented and contested space of urban and exurban environments. His performances incorporate ritualised antagonism, the intonation of found texts and enigmatic phrases, historical trivia, grunts and howls. The texts are infested with sphinxes, ghosts and winos. These performances have often taken place in, and are responses to, what nowadays passes for public space.

    3. Archivosonoro – Don-Renato-Lata-13

    We are Archivosonoro (Soundarchive) from Chiapas, Mexico. The team are Gabriela Guadalupe Barrios García and Carlos Emilio Ruiz Llaven. Las latas de Don Renato (Don Renato’s Thin Cans), is about short stories (1 minute long) tell told only with sounds, no talk, no spoken word in any language. Don Renato (fictional character) is an old man who likes to collect sounds and keep in cans… so share with us your collection with many many cans.

    4. Simon Thoumire – In conversation with Charlie

    This is a typical short conversation with my teenage son Charlie when he gets in from school. He makes me laugh out loud! This is a conversation about the important things in his life – school, football and social media!

    Simon Thoumire is the Creative Director of Hands Up for Trad


  • Rena Anakwe - Love Letters to My (un)Requited Loves

    18th May 2019  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This commission was created for Abrons Arts Center as part of their “AAC Sound Series.”
    I started “Love Letters to my Unrequited Loves” in 2012 as a personal exercise and decided to share one of those letters as an audio-visual collage called, “Pressed Flowers in April Rain.” The rest have been sitting in digital archives, so when Abrons invited me to create a mix, I knew it was time to put the Letters to rest. In the present piece, unrequited loves manifest themselves in various ways and forms; from nation states to intimate partners, they all represent an unreciprocated presence in my life and possibly the lives of others. A collage of found sounds, borrowed sounds and self-made sounds, this truly was an exercise in fatigue and release.
    TRACK LISTING: (title, artist)
    1. Ele não- Ju Tricca
    2. This is all temporary x B C Manjunath and Varijashree Venugopal- Rena Anakwe
    3. Intertribal No.1- A Tribe Called Red
    4. Whisper Sweet Somethings (feat DeadMau5)- DJ Lady Lane
    5. The Science of Love x Euterpe’s Favorit- Archie Shepp
    6. 1stNite – SIRKNX
    7. Aquatic Coronation (DJ Lady Lane Karma Bums Remix)- Mali Woods
    8. A Song for the Healer- DJ Lady Lane
    9. Medicinal Chant- TightMike
    10. Eartha Kitt (in her own words)
    11. Boys with Toys- Gap Mangione
    12. Polegnala E Todora vs Ghosts on Magnetic Tape II- Rena Anakwe
    13. Mourning Shroud- Rena Anakwe
    14. In Closing- Rena Anakwe
    15. Road to the West- The Seatbelts
    16. The Last Letter- Rena Anakwe


  • radioart106 #110 From the Red Sea to the Dead Sea a Soundscape of an Occupation

    18th May 2019  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This is a selection of seven shows from radioart106 compiled for radiophrenia 2019. Produced and presented by Meira Asher, radioart106 broadcast details:
    WGXC 90.7fm – 1st Saturday 11am ET (-5 UTC)
    USMARADIO – 1st Tuesday 7pm CEST

    Radioart106 is part of the network.

    North Jordan Valley 2018 by Meira Asher
    There is a project by the Israeli state to make life intolerable for the Palestinians remaining in the Jordan valley, the West Bank, for the purposes of de-facto annexation of this land and its resources. This introductory composition is focused on the evacuation/demolition orders issued to the Palestinian communities by the Israeli Civil Administration.
    Voices: families of the North Jordan Valley, Guy Hircefeld, Meira Asher
    Lexical assistance: Liam Evans
    Thanks: Elisabeth Zimmermann, Susanna Niedermayr.
    * if you wish to help the Palestinian community at the North Jordan Valley, please contact me at:

    Soundinista Meira Asher is occupied with HR intervention, social documentary, radio art, and the expression/transition of traditional rhythms in/to contemporary music. Her work has been released on Crammed, Sub Rosa and Auditorium. Co-founder of the ‘bodylab art foundation’ in The Hague (2001-2011), Lecturer at the University of Haifa, and producer of radioart106. In 2018 she will release a vinyl based on Antonin Artaud’s last radio play ‘to have done with the Judgement of god’ in the Hebrew language.

    The Sea That You Cannot See by Dganit Elyakim
    dedicated to Haitham Khatib

    How do you deliver a message of hope in our forlorn reality? Maybe the answer lies in the sea, which is completely indifferent to the nations that “rule” its beach shores, they rise and fall, like the sea waves.

    I asked my friends to describe the sea to their beloveds from the other side of the barrier, the ones who are prevented from approaching it. The actor, director and writer Mohamad Bakri described the sea to his friend Hassan; Hanan Zaid Elkilani, a young, emerging art student, portrayed the sea to her father’s friend, Prof. Ahsan Eldick, from Nablus; Maya Felixbrodt (viola) played for the freedom fighters Ahed (16) and Nariman Tamimi from Nabi Saleh; Adaya Godlevsky (harp) dedicated her playing to the children of Palestine; and Samira Saraya painted the sea in words and sang for her family in the refugee camp in Jenin.

    Dganit Elyakim is a composer and an artist. Her music depicts various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Her oeuvre includes chamber, vocal, and electroacoustic compositions, as well as music for theatre, dance, new-media and video. In 2016, she released her debut album “Failing Better”. Lecturer at Shenkar College and artistic director of “The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency” concert series. In 2018, she will be a guest artist at La Cité Internationale Des Arts in Paris and at Styria Artist in Residence in Graz.

    Lascia Vibrare: There’s a Family Living by Eran Sachs
    Dedicated to Michael Zupraner

    At the center of this piece there is a field recording of a family, captured from a distance. On first listen there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about this recording; but over the course of this reportage it becomes apparent that the act of documentation may register more than one might have initially suspected.

    Eran Sachs is a composer, improviser and sound-artist working in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. He has been playing his unpredictable analogue system – the No-input Mixer – both solo and in various collaborative projects. He was a member of the International Hyperion Ensemble, which revolves around the works of the Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram. His work oftentime fuses the political and the sonic, drawing on the multilayered complex context of the unfortunate region in which he lives.

    An Audio Guide to Occupation_part01_A-D by Ma’ayan Tsadka

    an audio guide to occupation is a sonic archive, using found materials from the daily life in occupied Palestine. It makes use of minimum sound manipulations.Mostly isolating moments, categorizing, and at times layering. It is intended to be an ongoing documentation

    A. Means of Intimidation
    Israeli military night raid
    B. Means of Crowd Control
    Tear Gas
    The Skunk: Water Cannon
    C. Means of Killing
    Rubber-Coated Steel Bullets
    Live Ammunition
    Air Strike on Gaza

    D.Means of resistance
    Musician, composer and teacher Ma’ayan Tsadka, composes sounds for people, instruments, objects, buildings, metal rails, and more. Current activity and research topics include: underwater sonic-scapes, site-specific pieces, audio/visual pieces, and echo/resonance in musical, political, and social context: from the rhythms of protest chants, to a series of site-specific pieces which calls for active participation and challenges common musical hierarchies. Completed a DMA in music composition at UCSC, Currently resides in Jaffa and teaches at Haifa university.


  • Richard Knight - internal landscapes 19

    18th May 2019  11:00 pm - 19th May 2019  12:10 am

    programme/artist information

    A Flaneur’s 3D audio perambulation around Lincoln, circumnavigating JG Ballard, Drone Culture, Spitfire Archaeology, Jo Thomas’ Agna Rita and monuments as a meditation on time. Also including Richard Knight’s Our Time Travel Isn’t Perfect and audio from Luciana Haill’s Phrontesterion.

    This binaural 3D audio presentation is best heard on headphones

    Richard Knight works creatively with the form of the radio show, exploring W.S. Burrough’s premise that the cut-up is a means to travel in both time and space.

    ‘a poetic sense of the City as a Whispering Gallery of haunted memories’

    Richard Knight: His arts practice has developed over a period of forty years, from the early days of the London Film-makers Co-op to community arts in Lincolnshire. He is an experienced performer, graffiti artist, and a collaborator in a variety of fields. He teaches, writes and broadcasts a twice monthly show on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM.